In the United States and other advanced economies, the major disruption will be in the service sector—which  is, after all, where the vast majority of workers are now employed. This trend is already evident in areas like ATMs and self-service checkout lanes, but the next decade is likely to see an explosion of new forms of service sector automation, potentially putting millions of relatively low-wage jobs at risk.

“Our device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them”


Presenting at an IEP be like


With Open Carry just becoming legal in my state, I am _very_ interested in this campaign. I’m fine with concealed carry (that person at least has a minimum requirement of background checks and training), but I will not tolerate open carry of weapons in the places I shop at.

I’m willing to walk out a restaurant, without paying, if someone with a weapon is allowed to enter. The staff is more than welcome to make a scene, but I missed out on a mass shooting in a restaurant by mere minutes when I was overseas. No way am I letting that happen now with a family.

Feel free to unfollow or block me if you don’t agree. If you think this is right, I really don’t want anything to have to do with you anyway…

Atlanta’s most dubiously nicknamed grocery store will host a ceremony next week to kill off its unsavory moniker once and for all. Can’t-miss improvements to the Kroger store at 725 Ponce de Leon Ave. are complete, and officials have planned a “re-grand opening” next Wednesday to recognize these killer alterations and officially rebrand the retailer as “Beltline Kroger.”

Hahaha, good luck with that, Kroger.

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