Desperate cry for RP or anything else...or if anything a glimpse into the young Doctor's life.

He stood completely still and outwardly complacent. Inwardly he felt like a sea storm was churning in his stomach and his knees shook inside his deceptive trousers; at least he looked calm. His palms were sweaty.

"Demitri," she said softly. She held her hand up, palm out, and her sharp features were softened, "Come here." she gestured with her hand for him to come closer, "What do you want to tell me?"

He never visited his Mom at work. He looked at her. Motherly described her perfectly in this instant. He wanted to stop himself but he couldn’t. He’d have nothing if he didn’t tell her. He’d live with a crushed soul forever. The fact that she was so ready to hear whatever he had to say and most likely accept it broke his hear and made it harder for him to gather his ocean of thoughts.

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