We’ll Make It Someday by Vocal Few

Vocal Few is comprised of Matt MacDonald from The Classic Crime and his lovely wife. :)


In the car crash of my life I’ve been the driver
Steering blind, in every accident I’ve caused theres no survivors
I hope my passengers forgive me my mistakes
We haven’t made it to our destination yet
We still have debts to pay, but

Remember when we used to believe?

Yeah, We’ll make it someday!
Yeah, We’ll make it someday!
However desperate and marginalized, we will be childishly hopeful and blind
Yeah, We’ll make it someday!

Through all the wreckage and the messes we’ve been through
I’ve been your navigator, calmly guiding, sitting next to you
So don’t you take all of the credit or the blame
We still have plenty more mistakes to make I wouldn’t want it any other way

Remember when we used to believe?

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Matt Macdonald (of The Classic Crime) and his wife Kristie made a band so they could provide for their coming baby. Pretty dope!


“The Fountain” - Vocal Few

Give me a drink of water
To cool my tongue
It’s been far too long to be thirsty and
Far too short to be numb

Give me your shame
I will breath it all into my lungs
And when I exhale
You will know what it’s like to be loved

So come, come drink from the fountain
Feel the cool water rush in
Come, come drink from the fountain
You’ll never be thirsty again

Give me the peace
That’s missing inside my soul
‘Cause I’ve been waiting for years holding on
Just to find that I’ve got to let go

You drink all you can but you cant get enough
You hold on to promises that were promised without love
So when you’ve decided that you’ve had enough
I will be here at the well
Waiting to fill you up


My favorite from She’ll Be Right EP by Vocal Few. Go buy it, I mean come on it goes to a very cute little baby girl whose parents have amazing voices.