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Meeting Maria

So I need to take a couple of minutes and document all of this, not just to share with you all but so that I can always remember last night while things are fresh in my mind. This was literally one of the best nights ever and I am still utterly floored.

Krissy and I got to the Irish Arts Center at about 6:45 because will call opened at 7. We weren’t sure how big the venue would be and wanted to make sure we got seats. When we got there, Jackie and Shawna came outside to meet us and said that they had already seen MDK when they got there! We went back inside and were standing there, waiting, when she walked right out of the door from the entrance to the stage.

I was in shock at this point. Was she really just walking around while we were standing there, I couldn’t believe it! She walked right over and said hi and we all kind just stood there. Jackie finally told her that we were just all so starstruck and she mentioned that she would talk more too but she was really nervous about her show. Shawna gave her some flowers and then she realized who Shawna was from twitter and the fact that she runs the mariadoylekennedy blog on here. She remembered us tweeting about coming to see the show and she said she would talk to us afterwards! Kieran came by too and said hello and recognized Shawna as well and was amazed at the artwork she and Jackie have made [“How did you find some of those pictures??” He asked. “You don’t want to know” Shawna replied. We all laughed.]

I think by this point we were all trying REALLY hard not to cry [I know I was] so we hung out by the door waiting for seats. WELL. The venue was even smaller than I expected and we were able to sit RIGHT in the front row. We were literally only a few feet from her during the entire performance. I sat down and thought again “this is surreal. I’m not actually sitting in the front row of an MDK concert rn??”

And can I just say…she has a beautiful voice already but literally seeing her live is something else. She is magnificent. There really is no other way of putting it. She is so real and so unique and so HERSELF. She’s up there on stage and she just loves to sing and interact with her audience and just “be?” You can’t help but just be totally enraptured by the whole thing. The love and respect between her and Kieran is just so beautiful as well and we all got pretty emotional multiple times during the concert.

At the end of the concert, she said thank you to a bunch of specific people for coming and even mentioned meeting some new people and pointed to us in the front and called us her “twitter friends.” I literally did not want that concert to end. If I wasn’t already dead, I was by then.

Afterwards, we hung around for awhile to let people clear out. The venue was tiny so it was pretty cramped with people wanting to talk with her and mill around. Her brother, Feargal Doyle, also had his artwork up at the same time and it was a total coincidence! His art was gorgeous. We bought some CD’s and Kieran came up and started talking to us again as well about some of the other places they are hoping to play soon and we told him about where we all came from. He was amazed that Jackie and I drove up to NY to see it! He thanked us for coming and we complimented him on his guitar playing.

When we finally got to her she went around and asked us our names and signed personal authographs on our CD’s. Krissy told her how moving her and Kieran’s love for each other is and she was really touched and I started getting emotional again. Jackie and I told her that we found each other through her birthday video and she was like “oh right! the video! that is so sweet!” We then asked if we could take pictures and she was more than willing to take as many as we wanted. In FACT, Jackie was like did we just get one of the two of us? And she was like “no we didn’t! Get back over here!”

At this point, almost everyone was gone and we mentioned something about stepping outside to get some air and asked if she wanted to join us and she said yes?? So we literally stood outside of the Irish Arts Center and had a chat with Maria Doyle Kennedy. Her brother came out as well to speak with us completely on his own. Someone brought up Orphan Black and she started going on and on about Tatiana Maslany and how sweet and talented Tatiana is. Not a word about herself. She is just excited to be a part of the show and she was just SO humble it floored me. We discussed traveling as well and her family and she is devoted to all of them.

Then we mentioned that we needed to get going or Jackie might miss her train and she started worrying, “I don’t want her going home on a dangerous train” and we were like no it’s fine we will make sure she is safe. And she seemed to feel better about that. And she thanked us again for coming and gave each of us a kiss on the cheek good bye. 

Jackie did miss her train. But as I was driving her home this morning, Maria tweeted us and asked if we all got home safely. When we told her that we were en route and listening to her albums, she replied “aww that’s great. see you again on the road.”

I am feeling so many things right now and will probably continue to do so. I am just SO happy that I got to meet Shawna and Krissy {finally!] and got to share this experience with all 3 girls. Maria is just the sweetest, most kind, down to earth person and I love her so much.  And I really do hope that we get to meet again on the road.

xoxo Ame


I apologize for yet another post about Maria Doyle Kennedy’s concert at the Irish Arts Center in NYC, but I want to remember every second of this magical evening for the rest of my life. I wrote this out mainly for myself, to not only preserve, but also to process through such an overwhelming experience, so it is incredibly long - you’ve been warned. 

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1) Why did you choose your URL?

I picked my URL because I am obsessed with Sarah Lancashire, she is my idol. ❤️

2) What is your middle name?

Jane. 😊

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?


4) Favourite colour?

Green. 💚

5) Favourite song?

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (This song was totally made about me).

6) What are your top three fandoms?

Would have to be fourteen-thirty-two as my number one. She’s so inspirational, it’s amazing how much we have in common in the fandom world. Especially when we talk about Sarah Lancashire! 😉👍

My second would be applelass. I can’t wait to meet this woman in person, she’s amazing! I love our chats about Sarah Lancashire. She amazes me how much she adores this woman! ☺️

My third choice would be el-vis-pelvis. I’ve had the privilege to meet this beautiful lady and she’s awesome! She sounds just like Catherine Cawood too! Had the great opportunity to go up North with her and see Happy Valley/Last Tango sets! 😊 Can’t wait for us to meet again! 👍

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

It seriously brings people together, I’ve made so many lovely friends through this site! It’s great how we can all join together and talk about Sarah Lancashire all day! It’s perfect. 😊❤️

8) Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too).

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so London was amazing as per usual

Tegan and Sara were phenomenal (even though i’m pretty sure they couldn’t hear themselves because it was far too loud. sucky sound people i guess) AND THEY ARE SO ADORABLE OMFG.

last night illy, kate, and i met up with krissy and cali which was so much fun. cali was one of the first people i followed on here (3 years ago) so it was amazing to finally meet her. and krissy and i discovered that we are in fact the same person (except she’s a MUCH better dancer). so sad we only got to meet up once before she leaves to go back to AMUURRICA tho :(

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Why did I choose my URL: Ellery Jo is a pen name, she typed casually as if she ever wrote anything that was published, honoring an original character that I genuinely adore and the author of the world that I created her to live in.

Middle name: I like better than my first name but it’s too late to go by that now…

Fantasy/fictional pet: Tribble

Favorite color: Green

Favorite song: "We Found Love" lets be real I can’t handle it

Top 3 fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock (any and all branches), Star Trek/Doctor Who SHUT UP THEY’RE CANONICALLY THE SAME UNIVERSE THANKS COMICS

Why I like tumblr: tumblr just gets me I don’t have much more reason than that

and finally I tag therealstephanien sognosempreamore krissycupcake ladybols