For BeyArMaMo Days 11-14.

The ‘main’ members of Team PPB All Starz! =3  Rick Anderson (?) falls under a different category (1-season characters), so he’ll prolly make an appearance later. 

With the TWEWY brand “Wild Boar” actually being described as inspired by American hip-hop, I thought it would fit the American team pretty well. Emily, though, has other ideas and likely shops elsewhere =P 

Wild Boar top, beanie, TWEWY/threads concept (c) Square Enix
Characters (c) Aoki Takao et. al. 
Art (c) ME 


me n nora switched computers so she could work on her thesis so i opened up sai for the first time in about 80 years n drew her in one of my fave outfits + her fave snack

shes sooo cute

Ohhhh my gods it’s been so long since I drew Beyblade peeps. Then I signed up for this year’s BeyArMaMo, on a whim, and what do I do? I sign up for the regular challenge, meaning one pic a day. 

This is my first go at it, and so far so good. First seven pics = Team BBA X3 

Theme, supposedly, was Beybladers in Shibuya, making use of TWEWY threads (I’m a sucker for fashion whoops), and originally I was trying to find threads that would fit the characters’ in-show style. Sometimes it worked, sometimes…I went off, somehow ^^; 

Anyway, I’ll likely be grouping them according to team, so I should have the White Tigers done soon ^^

Characters (c) Aoki Takao et. al. 
Art (c) me 

BeyArMaMo 2014, Days 15-18

Euro Team/The Majestics 8D

Ralf/Robert was the easiest to dress up out of these four, IMO, ‘cause for me, he seems the most inclined to wear high-end brand clothing like those from Pegaso and Dragon Couture. Finding the right colors for Olivier’s outfit was fun, too =3

NeoBorg/The Blitzkrieg Boys should be up next~

<i>Characters (c) Aoki Takao et. al.
TWEWY brands/threads concept (c) Square Enix
Art (c) ME </i>