Dear Kris Jenner,

Your family got it’s fame after you got your daughter Kim to have sex on videotape with Ray J and you let it leak for money. You oversexualize your daughters and are now feeling the cruel fingers of time squeezing out your youth and with it, your warped sense of beauty, so you are desperately trying to cling to any sense of youthful sexuality. It is sad because if you allowed yourself to age gracefully, you’d see that we women get better with time, like a fine wine. You are a REALLY bad example for motherhood and any time I see you on a talk show talking about being a mother, I chuckle, because I have to ask myself when you actually were a REAL mother instead of a woman using her children for fame and fortune AND brainwashing them to think it is a good thing instead of pursuing useful paths and careers in life, so that they can be productive members of society rather than a total joke who are mocked at every turn. 

Please seek help soon.