Opens July 11, 6-8p:

 Thomas Bangsted, Jeffrey Gibson, Charles Hinman,
 Chris Jones, Karlyn de Jongh, Angelika Krinzinger,
 Martha Mysko, Jong Oh, Moritz Partenheimer, Antonio Santin,
 Jonathan Stanish, Dolly Thompsett, Zlatan Vehabovic, Entang Wiharso

Marc Straus Gallery, 299 Grand St., NYC

Fourteen artists from ten countries will queue up for this year’s summer show at Marc Straus Gallery providing an overview of the gallery’s 2013-14 season programming. Nine artists are on the gallery roster with an additional five represented by their first inclusion in a US gallery. - thru August 23

Last night I went to the opening for Waqas Khan’s show at Galerie Krinzinger, ‘Acoustics of Life.’  An opulent space with high ceilings and historical pedigree.  Khan’s work involves precise, detailed filigree patterns drawn on paper, in organically unfolding waves.  Much of the work in this show was on a monumental scale, an opportunity afforded by the space, and by financial backing, I imagine.  Someone asked me what I thought and the first thing that came to my head was “money.”  Its presence created a blind spot around the work, somehow.  The press release creates more obstacles, speaking of universal spiritual truths, time, the rising and setting of the sun and perhaps worst of all ‘the emotive energies of the cosmos.’  The glamorous gallery context together with the overwrought language seem to be hedges against banality, a frame for the work that should underscore its value, but in doing so cuts it off at the knees.  If these drawings were smaller, unframed, perhaps they could still survive their surroundings in that particular gallery.  Taking such intimate handwork, blowing it up large and putting it in gigantic expensive frames only belabours the point.  The result is the thought “wow that must have taken him a REALLY long time,” and “I wonder how much those frames cost?”  It’s possible Waqas Khan truly is in touch with ‘the emotive energies of the cosmos,’ but for the work to reflect them, they need a subtler handling.  

Jude Anogwih

Jude Anogwih
Ekocity II
video, 1:13 min

Jude Anogwih (Lagos, Nigeria) is a multimedia artist and curator whose work has been featured at several international art exhibitions and projects including Concreta Sonho - Resident Artists (Solo Show) Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria; Jardim Canadá Centro de Arte e Tecnologia, JACA, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

His work interrogates the concept of identity, mobility and migration. They take the form of experimental photo-painting/drawing, video, installation and producing maps. His curatorial projects include The Green Summary at CCA Lagos, and Contested Terrains at Tate Modern and CCA Lagos. Anogwih was a Goethe Institut Fellow at the Documenta (13), Kassel, Germany and is a Founding Member of Video Art Network, Lagos.