Want to see a super awesome documentary about one of the biggest LARP’s in Denmark? This short is about War Live X, and if you go to 20:20 you’ll see me excecute a guy and scream x)

This is an amazing annual event, and the fighting is super intense! I really recommend going if you have the chance :)

It’s decided

I’ll shave down my sides completely (as in bald) for Krigslive on the 15th of May, and then after that I’ll let my sides grow. As soon as they’re around 4-5cm I’ll chop off my dreads and go for a super short, white/grey pixie cut <3
I’ve loved having my dreads, but my scalp just isn’t made for it. And I need a change, and I love having short hair :) So liberating

Oh and I’ll be doing the cutting/dyeing myself and I’ll film it, so stay tuned!