I am more than disappointed with some of the blogs I am following. You preach PLUR and you say you accept everyone but you are praising Deadmau5 when he tells Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf to go do porn and quit music. Now that’s his opinion that he doesn’t like their music but he obviously does not have compassion to any extent. But to support what he says? That’s just sad. How can you support such stupidity and slander? I respect your opinion if you don’t like Krewella, but to harass them and say the things you have been saying is going completely against the true meaning of PLUR. Some of the people I respected the most on here for blogging about PLUR have gone out of their way to find a post about Krewella just to talk negatively about them.. Thats not PLUR. To live by PLUR you must live with Peace, have a Loving heart, be Unified, and RESPECT everyone no matter your opinions or beliefs. Today was a sad day for a lot of you. Can we all grow up and not be so childish about all of this? I mean you don’t get a Platinum Record for “mediocre” or “subpar” music.. Just saying


certifiedkrew krewellamusic krewlifes krew-to-the-fucking-ella krewellagifs krewellajahan krewellabelgium krewlifeforlife krewfan4life krewellatron krewella-caribbean dutchkrewellafan krewellabra I might have missed some of you but, all Krew needs to stand up tall for what we believe in. Every raver should be standing up for this.