So as some of you may know, hurcley has been working extremely hard on trying to get the Kree pet, with almost 4k kills. Seeing that she’s already done so many kills, I hope this little cartoon keeps her motivated to continue going for it; I know you will get it eventually <3

Omg mini heart attack right there

Servers screwed up while i was at armadyl godwars, it took me like 6 minutes to get backon and i died during the time cause i couldnt spamclick the sharks to heal, so i had to gear up, get to godwars and get a 40KC in 8 minutes, by the time i got there it was 6 minutes left so i started panicking.
LUCKILY some superawesome guy (think his rsn was I Am Dylan11 or something) also got booted during the server glitch getting his killcount, he got 40 KC before i even reached 5 and blessed my grave, he saved me bout 4m in ranged gear xD

So apparently someone at Jagex saw my letter to them..

Found here in regards to my luck at Armadyl. 

I wanted to go on another trip because I had pretty much had it with Lava Flow mine for the day. So we geared up, got KC and headed in.

8 kills into our trip, this happened:

Needless to say, we were both pretty stoked. (Also it looks pretty cool after the update I thought.) We were only 8 kills in, neither of us had used any number of supplies because we were absolutely wrecking Kree'arra the whole time. 

Now as he recieved the drop under lootshare, I gained an absolute butt-ton of LSP and proceeded to recieve litterally every drop. (Yay Rune Crossbows and crushed nests?) 

We’re pretty happily just killing more Kree'arra’s (how do you even pluralise Kree'arra?) safe in the knowledge that we’d secured a 10m split this trip, when I managed to get myself an Armadyl Buckler drop.

That was pretty amazing, especially seeing the difference in KC. And it’s pretty hot because I recieved it and it goes in my A-log c:

Now we’re even happier, because that’s our first duo items in 200+ kills, and it’s always fun to get something cool. So we’re discussing how lucky we were, when I decided to call a drop like 15 kills later. 

So yeah, I pretty much didn’t stop laughing for the rest of the trip, because that’s kind of amazing in my books. 

Finished the trip at 59 KC, nothing else spectacular, but that was certainly more than enough for me. 

PC at the end of the trip:

Not bad at all for a Duo split. 

Also yes, we’re playing in Portuguese because you get the excitement of not knowing what your drop even is! (In every screenshot I’m being asked what it actually is :U) 

So to whoever at Jagex quite blatantly rigged this; I thank you.

Ps. War Tort and Rune Crossbow pride.