Throwback Thursday:  DK Vine regular and former site staffer Sean spent the pre-release period of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U creating a sizable series of banners like these (using a campaign logo cobbled together by DK Vine Staffer and “jerk running the tumblr” Cameron), with a wide variety of jokey slogans hyping up a potential playable appearance by K. Rool in the games.  Of course, we know now it simply was not meant to be.

But with the announcement of the Smash Ballot, it seems life’s thrown K. Rool  a metaphorical fake “Kredits” sequence that he can use to rise up and sucker-punch the competition once again.  And so, maybe these ads get another chance at life.  Because the possibility of ongoing DLC ensures the anxiety-ridden pre-release period for a Smash Bros sequel will never end.

More banners are available here.