Hey guys! Here’s my art piece for the #kreaturekidart contest!
If you guys are crazy about vintage horror movies and cool tiki/shrunken head related art, give @kreaturekid a follow!!

District 9 in progress Insperd in @kreaturekid works #kreaturekidart #kreaturekidcontest #district9 #draw #drawing #sketch #drawmore #art #artwork #sketchbook #redlines #lines #geekart #mementopublishing #outofstepbooks #artcollectivemag #luizcoelhotattooartist #guaruinktattoo (em Guaru Ink Artes para o Corpo)

I love my @kreaturekid so much.

He is just so beautiful to me, I love staring at him when he doesn’t notice and snapping secret photos like this. I love his amazing hair thick brows and bone structure, I always tell him about his flawless profile.

He is determined and dedicated and one of the most loyal individuals I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with. You have to kiss a few toads indeed to find a real man.

It feels great to love someone who actually truly loves ME. For once someone who doesn’t treat me like a trophy, a piece of property to brag about, or more importantly use me to take care of them financially. It has taken me so much longer than most girls to find someone who actually loves them and cares about them.

We aren’t perfect but we manage to be perfect for one another and that is something you have to truly understand to make things work.

Relationships are work but both parties have to put in the work for it to last. Here is to another year together! I love you. ♡Micheline #michelinepitt #kreaturekid #kreaturecouple

By @kreaturekid “My full size replica of the 1963 Aurora models Creature.

The first ever mass produced #creaturefromtheblacklagoon product! This design was used for nearly every creature product of the 60s-70s. Available for purchase tonight at @cfeatures Creature artshow and contact me on my IG @kreaturekid to order one either painted or unpainted.” #kreaturekid #creaturefeature #aurora #modelkit #creaturefromtheblacklagoon