Okay, I highly doubt anyone will read this, but I’m going to try. 

I play in an unsigned band situated in Central Scotland called Krashland and one week tomorrow we’re going to perform our first gig as our full line up at the Takeover Festival in Stirling. We’re pretty stoked for it, and it’s been brought upon me to try and get us 15 more likes on facebook before we step onto stage. We don’t know what time we are officially going on stage, but knowing our lead singer, if I fail to make these likes, I’ll have some nasty forfeit to do. DON’T MAKE A MUSICIAN CRY. 

Okay, so it’d mean a hell of a lot to us if anyone that has a facebook gives us a cheeky little here

Also, if anyone is looking for a good wee night next friday feel free to come down, tickets are £5 if you buy one from one of the bands performing, and £7 at the door. Krashland only have a limited number of tickets left, and we really need to be selling them all. Just drop me an ask or send us a message on facebook or smoke signals or some shit. Ideally, only if you can actually make it to Stirling.

I also heard that their bassist is pretty hot. I mean smoking hot, and if that isn’t enough to get you liking us, send me an ask and I will promote your blog, not saying that will help with followers or anything, I hardly get any asks myself god damnit. So if you could be a lamb and gives us a like, I’ll even allow you to laugh at our disastrous cover photo, which hopefully someone will change by tonight. 

Help a brother out guys.   

Guys my band is releasing our debut EP ‘wanderlust’ should be out April/may could you please help share the word please! We want alot of people to see this! If you could share it and tag @krashlandband I will be sure to be greatful and you’d be helping out amazingly! And I may possibly give you a shoutout! Thanks! #krashland #krash #poppunk #band

So today is exactly a year since my band opened for the headstart. That was seriously the best night of my light, I can’t believe it was that long ago. But it was and still is a complete pleasure to share the stage with the headstart! #theheadstart #krashland

Okay I plague you all with this all the time but my band is trying to get to 300 likes by New Year linsey says christmas but nobody got time for that.

So yeah, if you haven’t already it’d mean a lot to us to have your support even if you never look at our page again. Also if you don’t I’ll find you, break into your house and frown loudly at you from the end of your bed as you sleep. 

You’ll be sorry. Think of the Children. 

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