I just want a 1) post-bro/love hug 2) stupid-in-love!Thorin 3) possessive!Thorin 4) Bilbo in “what the hell did I do wrong nowww” and “why is he staring at me this way”. 5) PJ, listen my/our prayers, please. That’s all. My life is starting to be ruined for the second time.


I wanted to portrait a sexy half naked Thranduil in a totally narcissistic moment (yesyesyes) and the other one with some of his lovers. So, I made a b-day gift to myself, both is always good. Anyway, this is also my gift for you, thank you so much for the birthday wishes and, yes, one of these elven girls may be Legolas’ mother. #eheheheheh


It has been a while since I drew the last digital fan art and specially the last Arthur/Eames fan art. Well, lol, the inspiration came from the famous A/E lovechild man collection that I finished and handed in it some days ago.
After I saw this pic, I wanted to be a mum and adopted him and fed him and cuddled him and cried/crying beautiful unicorns of too much cuteness I thought “oh gosh, this adorable kid is totally the A/E’s lovechild” and thisss is the result of a day spent without studying for the Companies Law exam.

(anyway, what are baby’s proportions lol)