I don’t know enough about this label but I’ve seen the name cropping up more and more recently. I was already big on a few artists who have worked with these guys like Eprom, NastyNasty, Kramphaft & Doshy but never paid much attention to the label itself. Peep the link and check out some of the stuff these dudes pedal, it’s rare. They also just released a new one from fellow Scot Taz aka Taz Buckfaster which I’m gonna pick up shortly & don’t get me started on the banging tshirts they’ve just put out with Eprom

Kramphaft - Hyper Dreaming (Presk Remix)

At the risk of sounding like a gushing fanboy, Presk is good. Real good. The ‘Love Again’ EP, highlighted early 2011 and established that one who comes from a relatively unknown existence can have a large impact on an already established, heavily guarded community. In this case, I’m referencing bass. While on a superficial level one may deem Presk as yet another young producer, who wishes only one thing; to make you dance. But when it comes down to brass tax, Presk serves as a sort of bass music arbiter. At times he wishes to get your feet moving, plain and simple, but at the other end of the spectrum, there are instances when Presk necessitates headphones rather than monitors. Take for instance his new rework of Kramphaft’s stunning “Hyper Dreaming.” Presk cools the raw form that Kramphaft places over the track, and allows for a far more expansive work to play out. Pick up a copy of this as long with some other tracks on Kramphaft’s remix EP out for free and visit Presk’s Soundcloud to hear more.


Been stuck with this track in my head for over 3 weeks now.

Last night the man himself dropped the beat at Next Level Shit, the kavka crowd went (ofcourse) completely nuts. What a night. Om Unit really knows how to party had a good talk with him, he even played a trap version of Shy Fx’s Original nutta, badman!

Om Unit, Kramphaft, Keadz, fLako

I Needed You
Two weeks ago Brittish Om Unit released this interesting Glitch-hop remix on Kramphaft’s ‘I Needed You’. The remix sounds a lot like the original (same lead and some vocal samples). The most notable change is that it features a solid base (geeks: deep sub/saw side-chained to a 85bpm four-on-the-floor beat) that’s a lot more tuneful. After having it up on Soundcloud or a few days, generating around 7000 plays, Om Unit flipped the download switch on it.

Lonely Town (Keadz Remix)
Another remix. On fLako’s ‘Lonely Town’ from the ‘Carving Away The Clay' EP. The remix is composed by the French/Belgian duo Keadz. They sped up the remix and the vocals from the original version are completely cut up. Nice rework!

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