James Beard Foundation: Kramarczuk’s is an “America’s Classics”

The James Beard Foundation has reaffirmed what Twin Citians have known for years. Namely, that Kramarczuk’s is worthy of joining the fraternity of “America’s Classics.”

The culinary foundation announced today that the northeast Minneapolis landmark is the recipient of one of five annual “America’s Classics” honors, which are given to restaurants “that have timeless appeal and are beloved for quality food that reflects the character of their community.”

What a fitting tribute to the source for cabbage rolls, dumplings, sauerkraut-smothered house-made sausages, savory crepes topped with horseradish-fortified sour cream, kielbasa, bratwurst (an iconic Target Field favorite) kolaches and other trademark menu items, all of which have been luring hungry Minnesotans to northeast Minneapolis for nearly 60 years.

via StarTribune

End of experiment. Here's my summary.

I haven’t been keeping up with my tap pay log. I’ve been to Cub, Lund’s, the movie theater, Culver’s and Kramarczuk’s. None have tap pay options. The only place that did was Subway and I only went there because of it.

While Apple won’t be the first to offer tap pay, they will push the industry forward. Not from a technology standpoint, but from an adoption standpoint. Retailers (that can afford it) will invest in new POS technology.

You’ll likely be able to read more about this soon. I’ll let you know when that comes out.

How V chooses a place to eat.

V: “You choose a place for tomorrow.”

K: “I did some research and found Kramarczuks or Athens Cafe that are both near your workplace. The first one sounds good: affordable European and Mediterranean food. What do you think?”

Doesn’t reply until the next day, V: “Let’s meet at Banana Blossom. I just had lunch there yesterday.”

And you don’t wonder why I never choose a place -_-