PHEW. It. is. ready….
Now I can go and die. Nah, just kidding.
I got greedy again wit my plans. And when I started this, I was sure that I couldn’t do it. Because two characters, lots of details (though I left Krados’s weapon, let’s just pretend that he took it of and left it somewhere near), couple of wing pairs, AND THE FREAKING GIANT ROCK where they are standing.

This took many hours to do it (I didn’t count, but I have done this almost whole day and yesterday I sketched it).

So, there are Krados and Ormunos. Looking something. 

Krados, Ormunos & art © Saija “Saiccu” Ketola


Reference sheets of my two characters, Ormunos and Krados. They are brothers. Krados is older than Ormunos.


Krados gets really easily pissed of and he is more open-minded than Ormunos. Could say that Krados is Ormunos’s opposite what comes to personality.
He is athelic, great to fight and he uses scythe as a weapon. 

Marks in fur are identical in both side. All the scars are showing in this sheet.


Ormunos is silent and serious. He doesn’t talk too much, because he thinks that he doesn’t need to babble nonsenses. When he talks, he really has something important to tell. Ormunos has really good nerves. Ormunos is kind, but he has this grumpy outlook. He wants to help everyone in need of help. Ormunos is also a healer. He knows much about different kind of herbs that can cure different damages.

His markings in fur are identical in both side. He also has earring in both ears.

Krados, Ormunos & art © Saija “Saiccu” Ketola

Krados again. Gryy saved my life (lineart), because I did huge mistake. I merged the goddamnet lineart and sketch layers -.- And of course it was saved file…. But really big thanks to my dear Grypwolf <3

Art & Krados © Saija “Saiccu” Ketola