ok guys! this is Ex-0217! my main bionicle oc! here’s some info on this weird creation!

Ex-0217 or just 0217, is one of Makuta Mutran’s last experiments before the whole phantoka thing happened.

0217 is a rare type of Kraata. The worm is not actually a worm at all! Mutran took the ectoplasm from the creature and made it into a liquid, using that was her “blood”. this “blood” only flows through certain veins though.(the main ones around the head and back). “she” cannot control any element at the moment, but because of the Kraata ectoplasm in her “she” can listen and speak to the shadows. Exp. if “she” was hunting down something, any of the makuta could get ahold of “her” by talking to “ her” with shadows.     a few of these veins couldn’t stay where they were placed, popping out sometimes. the main one is connecting her head to the rest of her body.(the left side on her head has one, her arms have a few, and her neck)    Now for her personality, “shes” worse than makuta mutrans insanity, saying and doing stuff without second thought! manly because “she” acts before “she” even thinks. er, only if Makuta Mutran says to do something that is.    "she" was not always like this though, when Mutran first created “her”, it attacked everything and anyone. Mutran reached for the main vein in “her” head but only pulled some of it off, making her lose half of her potential, her flight(another story for another time.) and mind. now he’s kind of stuck with this “thing of a creation.."        never the less, 0217 always pleases the makutas in the end. a great hunter in the rest of there eyes(if they had any) but just a "junk pile” in teridax. (p.s: shes not a real makuta but some of them do treat her like one.)

if anyone has ant questions on this weird “Ex-0217” ill be happy to fill your mind with some info! ill tell you guys what happened with her wing in another pic/info and some other stuff. and yes, before you people all get “ MARY SUE!” and shit, I do have “her” death planed out. greg made it to none of the maktuas are left alive, so im following that.

People still get confused between Krana and Kraata. Krana go inside Bohrok and come in 24 different flavors. Kraata go inside Rahkhsi and come in too many flavors to count. 

I find the best way to cook a Kraata is to stab it to death then throw it in the oven. Gas mark 7, for 20 minutes or until it explodes.


just a little stopmotion, that i did in boredom

fandom secret

My favourite collectibles are the Kraata. Because:

1.) They have their own storage containers.
2.) There are many varieties.
3.) They’re kinda cute.
4.) They are associated with some of the most bad ass looking villains in Bionicle, the Rahkshi.