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Kyuhyun - speed painting

A few days ago some anon asked me to make a video while drawing, and…here it is! :DD


Kai for Men’s Style


Beauty is an extraordinary concept created by humans to explain the ensemble of the five senses. But today, most people misunderstand this term, and use it in many ways as if it meant nothing. As something subjective, noone should ever decide what is more beautiful than someone else’s ideal.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To me, Kim Jongin is beautiful.
Yes, he’s hot,
yes, he’s cute,
but he’s so beautiful that I often feel that he’s too much.
I haven’t drawn him in a while, because I came to a point where I don’t feel worthy.

Kim Jongin is beautiful and I, being the one that uses art as a means of expression, to try and recreate something -and in this case, him and my sense of beauty-, feel so small. I always want to make it better than the real one but undestand too late that that’s not possible at all.

Kim Jongin is beautiful and I’m afraid, I’m constantly afraid of ruining his face, and that’s what stops me from drawing him.

I really meant to do a good job this time, but I still feel somehow empty. Everything I had to give, I gave.