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kpop online shop reviews

this review got updated 140102~

hi~ so since i’ve bought a lot of kpop these past 3~4 years i thought i would do a review post of the sites that i usually buy from and recommend :3
a friendly reminder though: i’m not responsible for whatever issues you might have with respective site… i’m just telling you guys my own experiences and personal reviews that i have of these online shops. so… in reality, my favorite store might not be your favorite store.

q: how do you make a payment?
a: i always use paypal or credit card that is connected to my paypal.

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"your order has been shipped"……BEST WORDS TO AN INTERNATIONAL FAN EVER!!! I am so excited my precious Taeminie’s albums are on their way to meeeeeeeee! This is why i love kpopmart..they send pics of it being shipped out. 

And lookey here!!!! Two white albums! To my mystery giveaway winner..i hope you like white..theres yours!!! :D

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Guide/Opinion/Review To Buying Kpop Stuff Online - Kpopmart

So I thought I’d do a blog post comparing some of the websites I use to get my K-pop stuff and showing you the pros and cons of each and giving you my opinion on what I think of each. Obviously there are some sites I haven’t used yet so I can’t give my opinion or any info on those but if and when I do use others I’ll update the post.

So there are 7 places that I usually get my stuff from: Kpopmart, Kpoptown, YesAsia, Kpopheaven, eBay and Tumblr. I should also say that I’m not being sponsored by any of the websites to say things about them this is just my opinion and hopefully it might help you if you’re unsure of where to buy things from. I’ll add new sites when I use them.

So I’ll break down the reviews into individual sites, then into individual categories.

To check the other sites and reviews check these links;

Kpoptown | YesAsia | KpopHeaven | eBay | Tumblr | CDJapan


Visit Their Site HERE

Variety of Stuff:
Kpopmart sells:

  • K-pop CDs & DVD’s
  • K-Goods; so things like magazines, posters, stickers, lightsticks, and general sort of band stuff
  • K-Drama things; so K-Dramas and K-Movies on DVD
  • Fashion; so things like SHINee animal pyjamas
  • Accessories; so things like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and phone ear cap charms
  • J-Pop CDs
  • Calendars; so desk calendars and wall calendars

So there’s a good range of stuff on the site.

Ease of Ordering:

So I’m pretty knowledgeable when to it comes to computers and buying things online seems super easy to me but to someone who might not know as much or is unconfident at ordering online we’ll look at how easy the sites are to navigate and order from. Let’s take 3 items as an example; Super Junior’s Sexy, Free & Single, SNSD’s Run Devil Run & Big Bang’s Alive.

So first we see the website homepage like this.

There are tags at the top so you can click here if the artist you want is there or you can search for the artist in the search box to the left.

So let’s go to Super Junior.

Scroll through and find what you want to buy. In this case we want Sexy, Free & Single.

So some albums and CD’s come with posters. These either unfolded and come in a tube or folded. This album doesn’t come with a poster. The price will change according to what option you choose. Occasionally if the CD is a pre-order item the poster (if there is one) will come free. So click add to cart.

Do the same for the rest of the items you want. So in this case let’s add SNSD’s Run Devil Run & Big Bang’s Alive to our cart.

When you are done click my cart at the top.

So this is your cart with your items in it. It tells you the price of your order, the cost of shipping and the total cost. You can also earn loyalty points that in future can be exchanged into a voucher to use on the site. If you have any vouchers in future you put the code into the voucher box. So if you’re happy with that click continue.

Now here’s where you have your address. If you have an account the information is here already but if not you need to enter your address (I’d suggest making an account before adding items because it saves time) then click next.

Here you can choose your shipping option. You have between:

  • EMS (3 ~ 7 business days (to some areas, up to 20 days) // Tracking Number // Most Fast & Safe)
  • Small Package (14 ~ 28 business days (Canada & Europe: 2~4 weeks)// No Tracking Number).

Of course EMS costs more but it’s trackable and gets to you quicker so it’s up to you what you choose. I’ve used both options before and both have gotten to me safely. So let’s just choose Small Package in this case.

So here you see the final price you’ll pay. Then the rest is pretty self explanatory. Although there is a big PayPal sign in the box you can pay with a credit card or debit card. If you are still unsure you can go to the bottom on the website and click payment methods to see how else to pay.


So after you’ve ordered let’s take a look at the price. Of course I can’t compare eBay or Tumblr so we’ll compare the others.

Delivery Time:

Bear in mind that these rough times are for someone in the UK. It may take quicker or longer depending on where you live in the world. You also have to take into consideration your country’s customs time. For example the UK Customs can be relatively quick at times and other times the take absolutely forever.

Kpopmart in terms of delivery times can be either really quick or not so quick. The first time I ordered it took 10 days from order to delivery. Times after that it’s been anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. This is with standard delivery. Of course EMS is quicker but more expensive.


Usually sends their stuff in boxes with bubble wrap.  Posters (unfolded) come in a cardboard tube in the box too. The items are also sellotaped to the box to stop them from moving around inside the box. Sometimes they send their stuff in large jiffy type bags.

Customer Service:

This is just personal opinion when it comes to the customer service I’ve received.

Kpopmart has been a bit hit and miss in terms of customer service. I’ve only really had one problem when they lost my prize for an unboxing contest and I had to spend over 2 months chasing them up to see what was going on. They did offer me a new prize which was nice but it took me complaining to get any answers from them. Other than that minor hiccup they are good at answering questions via their Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter sites. They are awesome at sending you a picture of your order when it’s ready to ship.


If you pre-order an album usually you get a poster free. They also add free photocards of the band you’ve bought (not like official album cards but plain double sided cards).

So that’s my mammoth guide/opinion on Kpopmart for you. Of course there are other sites out there like Gmarket, DVDHeaven, Soompi etc but I’ve not used those (yet). I hope this helps anyone who is unsure of whether to buy from any of these sites and gives you a bit of insight into what to expect.