This two are close friends of mine and they are a couple. The boy behind smiles but he has cancer and he needs help in order to get better. We come from a small country where it is hard to have that amount of money but we still have hope that we will make it and these two will smile again without thinking that it can be their last day together. If you can’t donate please reblog so more people can know about this and maybe donate! Thank you! For more information please contact me and this is the Facebook Page!
Angel Petkov Hristov - Ангел Петков Христов
BIC: CECBBGSF IBAN: BG36 CECB 9790 10F3 4783 00 - BGN BIC:CECBBGSF IBAN: BG50 CECB 9790 14F3 4783 00 - EURO
Central Cooperative Bank - Bulgaria

  • Exo:Look! A new photo shoot!
  • Fans:Haha thats cute but you guys should really rest!
  • Exo:Heres a new reality show!
  • Fans:But guys you should rea-
  • Exo:We're adding more dates to our concert tour. What city should we go to next?
  • Fans:Please get some slee-
  • Exo:Hey everyone! We're working on a new CD!
  • Exo:Please look forward to it!
  • Fans:PLEA-
  • Exo:We love you!

No fan is EVER obligated to defend an idol’s illegal actions. No fan should EVER engage in victim blaming and threatening victims and critics while trying to defend an idol’s actions, illegal or not. And finally, no fan should EVER be called a traitor or shamed or sent death threats for refusing to defend or speaking out against an idol’s illegal actions. Nor is a person any less of a fan for refusing to. There is a limit to what a fan should be and should do.

Meghan Trainor’s track “All About That Bass” caught plagiarizing Joo Younghoon’s composition for Koyote’s “Happy Mode”


“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, which has recently achieved the 4th place spot on Billboard, was found to have plagiarized famous producer and composer Joo Younghoon’s song composition for Koyote’s “Happy Mode.”

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