People in the kpop fandom need to appreciate and respect girl groups more. Not only do they have to work almost twice as hard, but they have to deal with slut shaming and shit like that. If a girl dresses in a sexy way, she’s a slut. But when your precious oppa doesn’t wear a shirt, it’s sexy? Give me a break. Also think about the fact that most of these girls probably have had to do promotions during their periods. IMAGINE DANCING AND PERFORMING WITH THE WORSE PERIOD PAINS AND YET YOU HAVE TO SMILE AND PRETEND TO HAVE FUN? THAT TAKES SOME SERIOUS GUTS. Girl groups needs more respect and appreciation. GIRLS GROUPS ARE FIERCE AS HELL AND DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD IN LIFE.

Dear K-pop Idols,

thank you for finally speaking up in 2014. Without some of your actions, some people would have never realized under how much pressure you are. Thank you for speaking up against entertainments, sasaengs, crazy fans, privacy and sexuality. I know you will never read this but each of your idols are precious and a lot of you had to go through many hardships. Each of you are appreciated and I hope you will all find peace in the year 2015.

Love, Chucky.

Now I would like to thank one special group: EXO.

Dear EXO,

thank you for still existing and not giving up after going through so many hardships. A lot of you were sick throughout the year and I hope you may rest a little bit in the near future. You lost many, many fans, yet here you are, winning one award after another, proving that you are still as loved as ever and that you deserve all these kind of awards. You worked a lot this year so this is your payment.
I hope you haven’t lost your hope in exo-l’s, because we are still here and we won’t leave your galaxy. You lost two brothers, and I hope you won’t lose your energy due to that.
Whether it was ot12, ot11 or now (sadly) ot10 I will support you and Wu YiFan and LuHan on their ways. You twelve wonderful people have a special place in my heart and I want you to thank you for making me instanly happy. Even though this year I had cried a lot due to sad news.. I must admit that the times where I smiled because of you or with you were way more affecting me.
A wise Idol named Zico from Block B once said “I like scandals, they show who the true fans really are."
I must say though that Baekhyun dating, or two members leaving the group due to healt issues I would not consider “scandals”. This is just human and some people apperently do not accept it.
However I wish for 2015 that you take a well deserved rest, get checked and that SM knows how to treasure you and treat you better.

Your always loving fan, Chucky.

Now some special words to my wonderful 5 babies.

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