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BTS - Camping
  • Jin:Okay let's set up the tents
  • Rapmon:I got it
  • Jin:no you don't
  • J-Hope:I'll set it up
  • Jin:ah thanks, now Taehyung where did you pack it?
  • V:Pack what?
  • Jin:The tent
  • V:tent?
  • Jin:yeah
  • V:I thought you said to pay the rent
  • Jin:what the fuck we don't even pay a rent, who did you pay?
  • V:I just gave Jimin the money
  • Jin:Jimin where is our money
  • Jimin:I dont know what ur talking about
  • Suga:so where the fuck are we supposed to sleep?
  • V:In the grass like real men
  • Jungkook:Real men sleep in grass?
  • Jin:*sighs* we can't sleep in the grass
  • V:can too
  • Jimin:*rips off his shirt* this is how we do it in the wilderness
  • J-Hope:yo put your shirt back on
  • Jimin:you can't tame. The Jimin.
  • J-Hope:yes i can now put it back on this is getting hella awkward
  • Jimin:Nah man I'm trying to impress Jungkook
  • Jungkook:*rolling around in the grass*
  • Rapmon:guys imma set up the grill and heat up so- OH GOD WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FIRE
  • Jin:y'know what im done *opens the back door to house* *locks everyone outside*
  • J-Hope:Wait Jin I wanna go back inside to