Faded Signals is wrapping up the year with a couple of weeks of holiday-themed ads from 1944 and 1954.  Thanks for another year of support!

Hale Brothers department store launched KPO in 1922 from San Francisco.  The San Francisco Chronicle purchased 50 percent ownership in the station in 1925.

KPO became an NBC affiliate in 1927.  NBC’s parent company, RCA, purchased the station in 1933.  NBC operated its West Coast network from KPO during the 1930s.  It moved to Los Angeles later, but KPO remained an important station in the NBC family.  The NBC news bureau at KPO became an crucial source of news from the Pacific during World War II.

KPO became KNBC in 1947.  NBC moved the call letters to it’s Los Angeles TV station in 1962, renaming the San Francisco radio station KNBR-AM.

Read more about KNBR’s history and listen to audio clips at the Bay Area Radio Museum website.

Once NBC’s network service dropped its entertainment programming in the 1950s, the network’s Los Angeles radio operations moved back to KNBR in San Francisco.

KNBR evolved toward a full-service format, featuring middle-of-the-road music, strong air personalities and a local news operation.

KNBR moved toward an adult contemporary format into the 1980s.  Susquehanna Radio Corporation purchased KNBR in 1989.  The new owner added sports talk in the evenings.  KNBR adopted a full-time sports format in 1990, with the exception of airing Rush Limbaugh’s show from 1988 to 2000.

KNBR’s owner acquired KOFY-AM in 1997, converting it to sports talk KTCT.  In 2003, KTCT’s “The Ticket” brand was dropped and the station launched as another version of the highly successful KNBR brand.

As of 2014, Cumulus Media owns KNBR and KTCT.  

☄ Shining Stars ☄

The stage was dark. But the crowds excitement could be felt in the air. Glows sticks where eagerly being waved in the air by almost everyone in the crowd. The anticipation was thick in the air. it had been so long since the pair’s last live concert. But then the lights came on. two spot lights on the center of the stage. One on a tall young man with black hair nicely dress with sparkling ice blue eyes. The other was a younger more innocent looking young lad with golden brown hair neatly pulled back into a ponytail, he too was nicely dressed. 

"Hey!" The tall one called through his microphone.

"Hello!" The young one called out through his. "Thank you all for coming to our show!" 

"You Cy." The other called. "Enough chit chat let’s get to it." 

Cyrus laughed, “Alright Sho let’s!” 

Music filled the air, and the pair started to sing. Cyrus and SHo harmonized well. Sho’s deep tone complement Cyrus’ higher ones. The two danced with  style and in perfectly in sync. The fan were going  crazing.  


K-pop Fans Can Relate!!!

A psychologist says:

“Don’t underestimate those children their hearts are purer than anyone else, they love courageously, they will want to try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, the language and cultural barriers. They symbolize peace, they don’t discriminate based on race, they become friends with people with the same interest from different countries, they’re more passionate and warm than anyone else. They don’t betray the ones they like easily, they are persistent and don’t give up easily. They are stronger than anyone else on the inside, because when they are loving these Korean stars, they experience the setbacks they’ve never experienced in life. They are all sensitive children, easily touched to tears for a long time because of one incident. Their memory is very good, they can easily remember the korean lyrics they don’t understand, and their coordination skills are also very strong. Most of them are cheerful children, not the kind who keep to themselves. Their will of determination is also very strong. In short, the way these children think is vastly different from others, and their thoughts are not easy to understand. Generally, only those who have similar interests are able to enter their world.”

P.S : After you read this just say
내가 제일 잘 나가 !