Repost. Ligament tear and joint fracture. Left knee got jabs. 3 weeks and a week to go. Need to do more muscle strenghtening to prevent this in future. Considering ultrasound for recovery. Painful jabs so far hiks! 😭😂 💉💊😷👷 #missedstepwhileatwork #intenseworkoutafterwork #gottorestfor2months #impossiblesinceimtooactive #gottowearkneeguard #imustgotbettersoon #painful #injection #kneeinjury #drliew #kpmc #specialist #ultrasoundtomakebetterligament

May 08, 2015 at 03:09PM

I love to complain about Kaiser. The inconvenience and hassle of having to deal with the managed-care bureaucracy is never fun. I know people who have horror stories about delayed diagnoses and complications that resulted from their cases being mired in “the system.” But once you find the right doctor, it can be great. Today, I got to see a neurologist who wrote up exactly the treatment plan I needed for episodic cluster headache, and I can now walk into any KPMC nurse treatment center and get an IV drip of steroids whenever I need it. Out of pocket cost: $5.


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