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my EDC:

Have enjoyed looking @ what others EDC on these pages for a long time. Guess it’s about time I play. This photo shows what I carry on my person daily.

-Koyono original slimmy
-iPhone in lifeproof case
-Space pen
-Maratac Rev 3 AAA
-SAK Pioneer
-Benchmade 585
-Atwood tool
-Bic mini w/ tape (great on the go field repair, bandage, etc)
-Jeep key w/ small attached light

Slimmy BOGO plus 50% off bags and accessories! New summer Fumoola short sleeves.



While the 4th of July weekend has passed, the freedom (from pocket clutter) continues… You will not want to miss out on this rare Slimmy BOGO sale. For a limited time, buy one Slimmy and get another one FREE! It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade or stock up on Slimmys for birthdays, holidays and giveaways.

We are also having a 50% off moving sale on bags and accessories. In the coming weeks, Koyono.com will be migrating to a new, more robust platform, and we are in the process of paring down our offering. New products are also coming in and we need to clear the decks. Help us make room and save big!

Last but not least, we just landed the perfect summer casual and dress shirt in one. The Fumoola Pigment Dyed Short Sleeve Satorial is perfect for campfire lounging past midnight, and doubles as a serious business companion for hot summer days. Wear it well with raw Japanese denim and be “in the know” on how to dress for success beyond a coat and tie.

Stay tuned for some exciting news in the next few weeks. We have been working on an EDC (everyday carry) project and cannot wait to share what we have been up to. If you are one who needs just a few more pockets for your “stuff,” you are sure to love this new product. Stay tuned…

As always, thank you for your continued patronage.


Jay Yoo
Founder and President


Minimal Travel: One Day Pack


I recently went on an overnight trip to Tampa from Cleveland and was reminded of how challenging packing minimal for a one day trip can be when crossing between different weather environs.  This particular day it was just under 30F in Cleveland and close to 80F in Tampa.

I was able to pack everything, which included mobile devices, into my QWSTION Backpack.  Here is what I packed:


What I was wearing:

I was there for a memorial service and had to be a bit dressy, but also wanted to take some time to hang out by the pool and relax.  I am sure I could have paired things down even more, but everything still fit in one carry-on bag that stowed nicely under the seat in front of me…


New Direction

Reinvention is more important than success… We are paring down our offering and moving in a new direction.  While our main focus will be on our in-house brands (Slimmy, Fumoola, Black Coat and one more to be announced this week!), we will continue to offer products from other designers and companies that fit with our “untether yourself" mantra.

In the meantime, help us get rid of some legacy “stuff” by taking advantage of the amazing sale we are having. 

In the coming month you will start to notice some changes.  Stay tuned!