IDENTITY shows an artist in his studio, with his body of work taking over his physical body. Artists gives in to the powerful force of his creation is and he identifies with it: he lets go of his most characteristic feature - his face, showing his blind devotion and dedication to what he has made, despite it not being perfect nor up to his expectations. The carelessly crumpled prints and the blurry lines symbolize lack of planning and desertion of any strive to perfection. Identity is also an homage to the temporary nature of all things, art and creation included. No matter how great the initial devotion is, eventually, the artist will shed his face and move on, changing his vision, his face and his identity once again.


LOVE STORIES is a triptych project representing four different love affairs. 

The first two images serve as two human beings: a collection of pixels symbolizing strengths, flaws, traits and whatnot confined in one simple space - the rectangle, the body. Not unlike humans, they are beautiful yet complicated. The third, overlaid image represents the outcome of coming together, the result of the love affair; some of those are only changed slightly, some of those are changed fundamentally, showing the creation of a completely different being whereas, being a clear sign that one image dominated the other. Mostly, the two images compliment each other, resulting in a spectacularly enriched finale. (2013)