i find it hard to appreciate anyone more than i appreciate purplhays because she’s seriously been here for me since day one 

even though the first time i met her she scared the living fuck out of me bc she ran the fucking playground dude 

we’ve been through everything together, we were furries together. 

bffs. i love u son.

I want to write something but idk what!! So I’m leaving the decision up to y'all!!!

Here are my fandoms:
-The Mortal Instruments
-The Infernal Devices
-The Avengers
-Percy Jackson
-Criminal Minds
-Harry Potter (includes Marauders)
-Daredevil (even though I’ve never written anything with this fandom)

So! Send me an ask, reply to this post, reblog…whatever floats your boat and let me know you’re vote (heh I rhymed) and whatever has the most votes wins!!!