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do you have pictures of the new house kourt is buying? and do you know like the suburbs of khloe and kourtneys new houses and the jenner house like is it in hidden hills? and kim and kanyes house is in bel air right? haha i am so confused its hard to keep up ahah

Here are photos of Kourtney’s new home:

It’s 6 bedrooms and 7 1/2 bathrooms. It’s in Calabases but I don’t believe it’s in Hidden Hills (same with Khloé’s). Kim’s is in Bel Air. Kourtney’s new home is huge, it’s actually bigger than Kim’s however, Kim and Kanye are supposedly adding an extra 4,000 square feet to theirs which would then make theirs bigger. 


Exterior of Kourtney and Scott’s new house - view interior - birdseyeview
Located: “Estates at the Oaks” community in Calabasas, CA
Cost: $8,495,000
Size: 11,746 square feet
Included: 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, outdoor fireplace, sunken basketball/sports court, a pool with spa, chef’s kitchen, game and children’s play room, spa, sauna, elevator and theater
Former owner: former NFL star wide receiver and current ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson
Neighbor: Justin Bieber (Report: he has sold it to Khloe


Kris Jenner Sure Did Do A Good Job Renovating Her Hidden Hills House!



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This is the Jenner Mansion guys! Here are various ariel shots, pictures of their cars parked in the driveway & Their pool all taken after they renovated the house. Check out this video of the house andlr for share it with your friends. Follow my tumblr for more kardashian jenner house, car and general pictures.