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How about a little more Noijaku where Noiz can finally feel again and decided he wants to be WRECKED by Koujaku? I feel like you could easily do this.

tmi tuesday smutfic time! i do a fairly lengthy but unproofed and unedited smutfic every tuesday, so feel free to always leave prompts in my inbox here!
2873 words,  includes rough sex, bondage, light dirty talk — but nothing too harsh, lots of making sure noiz is okay and some aftercare (thought it’s not especially D/s)
i don’t proofread or edit the smut, so it’s not always my best work, and that’s sort of the point. you’re always reading my first and only draft on tmi tuesdays, so there will probably be some typos and repeated words/phrases, but hopefully it still satisfies X)

 The first thing Koujaku does is ask Noiz for a safe word. The second thing he does is rush out of the room, positive he’s about to vomit from the nerves. 

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I finished it *-*. the Dramatical Murder pixel set is complete! All of them are animated, & they can be found separated here:

Embarrassed Aoba + Flirty Koujaku + Mad Noiz + Smoking Mink + Blushing Clear + Growling Ren

Winking Mizuki + Evil Trip + Evil Virus + Blushing Sei 

All 50x50. If you use one, it would be nice to drop me a message so i know about it. Thank you-<3



Hi mama! A while ago, my friend and I challenged each other to do random 5 minute cosplays with anything in our room. Let’s just say they turned out a little off…..

Mine was the “Koujaku” and my friend attempted Clear: 

I am laughing so hard. Bless you both. I kinda wanna try this now. XD

good endings from dandelame on 8tracks Radio.

"The heart is something unexpectedly soft, ain’t it?

Two songs to reflect each happily ever after. 

Clear - Glass Heart Magic Giant | Beta Love Ra Ra Riot 

Koujaku - Wake Me Up Ed Sheeran | Toothpaste Kisses The Maccabees 

Noiz - Touch Shift K3Y | Such Great Heights The Postal Service

Mink - Celeste Ezra Vine | Black Day in December Said the Whale

Ren - I Would Do Anything For You Foster the People | Lost Kid The Apache Relay

Sei - Boats and Birds Gregory And The Hawk | Lonely Eyes The Front Bottoms

cover art: elopm


First ten photos from the AAC DRAMAtical Murder photoshoot!! I picked the first 10 that made me smile the most but I’ll add more everyday!!! Please message me if you see yourself in these photos so I made tag you :)

And FINALLY a full view of my cosplay!!! Tell me what you think?? I’ll be painting the skirt for AB 2015 and possibly changing the wig :)

Fem!Koujaku = me

Clear= korpsecosplay

Fem!Maid!Clear= lirael030

Koujaku w/Beni (<3) = redspanishpulpo