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If kougami shows up…

I managed to finish it… I used a mouse so it took me a loong time (I shouldn’t have forgot my tablet during a trip *cries*)

But i’m not proud of this.. Kougami’s face is weird XD

It’s my first time drawing Kou I HATE HIS HAIRSTYLE SO HARD TO DRAW T_T

Anyway can’t wait to see the movie and THE REAL KOU ♥  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


{2/?} 2nd Campaign: IKEMEN Ranking

Iphone 5/5s wallpaper of the second 3 IKEMEN Ranking with flower crowns.

Kaoru Kirishima. x

Yamato Kougami. x

Shiki Kurobane. x

Please do not repost or claim they are yours.

Characters and drawings are all belong to Voltage Inc.

Thank you!

* Shout out to geminigsg becos she helped with the shiki idea. I had 3 am brain when i reached the shiki one.

The second one of Shiki can be found here if you like pink and rainbow~ x

Tell me which Androi phone you are using and the next 2 batches might be for them ^u^

I don’t have androi phone to test it out so I will need someone help lel.

I just thought of the most beautiful scene that could happen in the Psycho Pass movie.

Just picture this: Akane just escaped from some crazy shit (as usual) and there’s smoke everywhere. As she tries to get out, a figure comes into sight. Thinking it might be an enemy, she puts her guard up and points her Dominator. Then, time starts to pass so slowly as if it could freeze. The figure becomes clearer and clearer with each second. Finally, a face comes into view. At seeing it, Akane’s eyes widen incredibly. Her cheeks flush a dark red. Little tears begin to stream gently down her face as her lips part as if to call out. The Dominator falls from her hands and drops to the ground with a thud. Before the Inspector realizes it, her knees and entire being is shaking intensely as the figure continues walking towards her. It had been over 2 years. So long since she’d seen that face, those handsome features she adored so much. Akane chokes out something that’s barely a whisper. As the figure appears about 10 feet in front of her, Akane’s tears grow bigger and her fists clench at her sides, hardly unable to believe it. She had dreamed of this, but always, just always before she could run to him, the dream would end. Akane shuts her eyes a moment, thinking once she re-opened them, then the figure before her would be gone. She was so sure of it. So positive it was just another dream. But then a husky deep familiar voice echos out,


Akane’s eyes shoot wide open and the figure now stands over her, not even 5 full feet apart from each other anymore. Unable to hold back anymore, Akane falls forward into the figure’s arms and begins screaming. Only one word escapes her as she sobs on and on…





Request: The kids giving MFW guys a little gift cause they love him <3

This one is going to be quite different, cause I wanted to let each kid have his or her own creativity. So it’s going to be a little drabble for every kid in accordance to their heritage and personality (as per the set up I made before for them). Tis the season to be giving!

Ayame Saeki:
“Honey, I’m home!”
Saeki calls out his usual greeting to the household, and you greet him cheerfully from the kitchen.
His daughter sprints down the hall and smashes into his arms at full force.
“Slow down there, sweetie!” Saeki laughs and throws aside his briefcase of papers to pick her up. “What are you so hyped about?” He gives her a little shake in his arms and she laughs brightly, her voice sweet and chiming like bells.
“I made you something!” She holds out a big card, and he grins. Walking over to the couch, he sets his daughter down and takes it. The front was decorated in glittery swirls, a little lopsided at the work of her young fingers, but overall still aesthetically pleasant. Not to mention that he loved it already just because she made it. Written across the middle where the flowers formed a frame, was “Best Dad Ever!”
“It’s really cute.” He grins at Ayame and ruffles her hair. Saeki flips it open.
‘Thanks you for being the best dad ever!’
In slightly smaller font, in the corner, was:
‘I love you, daddy. Ayame~’
His chest glowed with inexplicable happiness. He kisses his daughter on the head.
“Thank you, Ayame. I love you too.” She grins up at him, a flash of perfect white teeth. Leaning in, she kisses him quickly on the cheek.

Toshio Aikawa:
The boy sank into the chair beside Kunihiko, and he looked up from his keyboard.
“What is it, Tosh?”
His son fidgeted with something under the table, and quickly shoved something across the surface at him.
“Here. It’s for you.”
Kunihiko picked up the wooden airplane. It was actually quite large for a craft, the fuselage almost as long as his laptop was wide. It was nicely painted, with a sleek, smokey grey colouring and detailed bands of yellow, red and blue. Stamped into its left wing was “You’re a good dad.”
“You made this in woodwork class?”
Toshio averted his father’s gaze and nodded.
“I thought you’d like it.”
“I really appreciate it, Toshio.” Kunihiko chuckled and patted his son’s head. The boy’s eyes shone. It was actually rare, such a show of affection from the usually arrogant and lofty boy, but Kunihiko enjoyed it. “Thank you. It’s quite well made.”
A glint sparkled in his son’s eyes.
“You think so?”
Kunihiko grinned and ruffled his hair.
The boy pouted again and tried to smooth his hair back down, and his father laughed at the pride that brimmed in his eyes from the praise.

Tsutomu Aikawa:
“It’s for you, dad!”
The purple haired boy holds out a brand new notebook he asked his mom to get for him. On the front cover was a very nicely painted picture of an airplane. Kunihiko took the notebook and stared at the painting for a moment.
“This is Toshio’s plane, isn’t it?”
His younger son smiled and nodded eagerly.
“You recognize it?”
“It’s a real good painting.” Kunihiko praises as Tsutomu sits down beside him on the couch.
“Open it, dad!” He prompts.
“Alright, alright, kid.” Kunihiko chuckles and gives his son a light jab in the ribs. The normally quiet and reserved child gave a yelp and squirmed off the couch.
Opening the notebook, Kunihiko remarks the writing across the first ruled page.
‘You’re a great dad. Thank you for everything! -Tsutomu.’
“Thanks so much, Tsutomu.” He smiles over at the boy. “I really love it. And the painting is amazing!”
Tsutomu’s face blossomed into a grin, and Kunihiko feels another flush of warmth in his body. He loved his sons more than words could express, and the reciprocation of this love is more than his own sweetest imaginations could fathom.

Aina Shibasaki:
Origami flowers
She knocked on the doorframe of his study, appearing in the empty space where the door was open. Ren finished scribbling down his notes and looked over at her.
“What is it, Aina?”
The small blonde approached on her feet lightly, as if she was floating. She gave him a sweet little smile.
“Am I interrupting?”
“Not at all.” He gave her a quick embrace and her wide, pale green eyes shimmered as she looked up at him. “What is it?”
She produced a bouquet of flowers from behind her back and handed it to him.
“I… I made you something.”
Ren gazed down at the bouquet fondly, noting the precise detail of every origami petal, remarking the beauty of the multicolored origami roses and lilies organized in a classy paper wrap.
“It’s beautiful.” He kisses the top of her head. “What’s the occasion?”
Aina giggled.
“Nothing. I just thought you would like some!” Aina throws her arms around him and hugs him around the middle. “You’re just so busy recently, dad.” She mumbles into his stomach. “Maybe you’ll think of me if I leave some flowers here.”
“Sorry, Aina.” He pats her head tenderly, an apologetic note entering his voice. “Work is busy, but it’s just recently. I promise I’ll pay more attention to you after we finish this project, okay?”
She smiles up at him with her pretty little lips.
“I understand, dad.”

Norio Maruyama:
It was a great feeling, having a good read on one of his leisurely Sundays. Takao flipped the last page in his novel, closing it and putting it down with a satisfied sigh. Almost immediately, he feels the couch dip beside him as his oldest son sits down, back straight and grey eyes shining. He holds out a book.
“I got you something, dad.”
Takao takes it and smiles lovingly.
“Thank you, Norio.”
“I hope you like it.” The boy says, a little shyly, with a curve of a smile.
Takao opens up the literary classic and the sharp observation skills pick up on the highlighted letters in the prologue. Scanning the pages, he packs them into a sentence.
“Thanks for everything, dad. I love you. Norio.”
His gaze snaps up at his son, grinning a little awkwardly beside him, watching his expression intently. Takao wraps the boy into his arms, giving him a firm and long embrace. His heart swells in size as he holds his firstborn against his chest.
“Thanks, Norio.”
He holds his son at arm’s length and stares fondly into the face so similar to his own childhood. He pats him on the shoulders and smiles.
“I love you too.”

Masao Maruyama:
You were still at the exposition with Lilly, and Takao came into the bedroom alone, about to hang his jacket up when he notices the little box on the bedside table.
His second son’s voice peeps out from behind him, and Takao turns to see Masao slipping through the doorway.
“Is this yours?” He asks, holding out the box.
“It’s for you, dad.” Masao says quietly, with anticipation in his eyes as he glances up at his father. “It’s nothing much, but I made it for you.”
“Really?” Takao didn’t try to conceal the happy tone in his voice, and Masao’s face lights up at his interest. He opens up the box to see a wood and metal bird, a delicate contraption that is meant to balance precariously on a fingertip. Takao places it on his finger and it swings from side to side, the bird eventually stilling and staying on his hand. He turns to Masao.
“This is really nice. You made it in class?”
The boy nodded quickly with a smile.
“I thought you would like it, dad.”
“I love it.” Takao embraces his son and ruffles his hair. Masao gives a lopsided grin and he smiles, feeling his chest clench in a bout of pure happiness. “How about I put it in my office and let my all of my clients try it? I’m sure they’ll like it.”
The boy straightens proudly, and Takao smiles, tucking the contraption back into the box to take with him the next day, knowing how much this small show of valuing Masao’s efforts meant everything to his shyest, most uncertain child.

Kiyomi Maruyama:
He was finishing up his work, sorting files into folders, when a pair of small hands dangled something before his eyes.
“Kiyomi! I can’t see!” He laughed and reached around himself, yanking his giggling daughter around to him. She stood before him, her young face shining in her laughter, holding up two sparkling vials.
“I made you something!”
It was a pair of small glass bottles filled with white and black sand respectively, dangling from a key ring.
“It’s lovely, Kiyomi.” Takao smiles as he takes it gently from her. “Thank you.”
The girl steps forward into his arms and she snuggles against his chest.
“I know your job is stressful.” She looked up at him with wide, worried eyes that suddenly reminded him of you. “Promise me you’ll never forget what’s right.” Her eyes flickered to the white sand and back. “I wanted you to have a reminder of good and bad.”
Takao hugged her again, tightening his hand in a fist around the two coloured sands.
“I promise.”

Masaru Kougami:
It’s been a month since Masaru and Michiko’s birthday, and Yamato was honestly surprised that his son has not abused his present yet. He had been gifted a waterproof label maker machine by his parents, and Yamato has so far not seen any labels anywhere.
That is, until this morning.
As he prepped to go to the school, he saw his water bottle laid out for him. Labeled with “Students’ tears”. His lunchbox was also on the table, with your prepacked bento, and labeled with “Students’ crushed dreams”. His test binder was there too, marked with “Dream Crusher”. Finally, the Physics textbook he uses for his senior class was marked with multiple labels.
“Wow” “Such Newton” “Very Vector” “Much Acceleration”
“How do you like it, dad?” Masaru came up to him with a smirk, running a hand through his red hair.
“It’s creative.” Yamato admitted with a laugh as his son embraces him. The boy pulls back and he looks down to see another sticker, this time on him.
“Most loved dad”
“Thanks, Masaru.” Yamato chuckles as he peels off the sticker from his jacket and sticks it onto his binder. The boy gave a sly smile and shrugged.
“Totally wasn’t me.”
He ruffled his son’s hair with a fondness hot in his chest.
“Of course it wasn’t. Isn’t my son too tough for that?” Father and son laughed, and Masaru hugged his father again.
“I love ya, dad.”

Michiko Kougami:
The entire house smelled amazing.
Yamato sniffed hard at the air, tasting cookies on his tongue. What’s the occasion?
He closed the door behind him and remembered you said something about staying out late with Lilly at one of the gallery displays.
“Michiko? Masaru?”
His daughter peeped out at him from the kitchen.
“Hi dad! You’re home!”
Yamato sat down on the couch, yanking off his tie and rubbing his forehead in fatigue.
“What are you making?”
She fell silent and Yamato was about to get up and fetch his daughter when she came barreling into the living room with the widest grin, holding out a plate for him.
“Take a look!”
He peered at the plate, where plain butter cookies spelled out “BEST DAD” and were covered in frosting in shades of red and orange.
“Is it as good as it looks?” Yamato smiles at his daughter, patting her head fondly as she sat down beside him.
“I don’t know.” Michiko laughed as she held up a cookie. “Wanna try?”
He chuckles and she pops the cookie into his mouth with a laugh so much like yours. She had clearly used your recipe of butter cookies, and it tasted ever sweeter from his dear daughter’s hand.

Yoichi Kajima:
It’s been a while since he got some good time like this to settle down and relax. Yuta sank into the cushions of the couch and tossed his head back, dragging a hand through his hair. He has been hosting TV shows and recording for an anime movie for the past two weeks, and there was literally no time to unclench.
There was a ripple of the weight on the couch as his son jumped onto the seat beside him and scrabbled over to his side.
“Dad! I made you something!”
Something papery was shoved into his hands, and Yuta looked down, putting out one arm around his son’s shoulders.
“What’s this?”
It was a very large card, decorated with a crayon drawing of him on the front, in his green shirt and dark suit, grinning. Inside were lines and lines of jokes that Yoichi had pulled off the Internet, circling a space where “I <3 U DAD” was scrawled in fat marker.
“Do you like it?” Yoichi asked with a bob of his curly haired head. “I thought it would make you happy, cause you’re so tired recently.”
Yuta hugged the boy to his chest, ruffling the sandy curls under one big hand. His son complained against him but embraced him anyway.
“Thanks, kiddo. I love it!”

Yuki Kunishiro:
It was a few days before he had to leave for his month-long trip to one of the smaller European countries. He sat with you in the living room after dinner, drinking hot chocolate and discussing the day, holding your hand in his. There was a patter of footsteps, and Yuki came running in with a messy bundle in her hands.
“What’s the matter?” He put down his drink and gazed at his daughter, who climbed onto the couch, over your lap, and sat down on his legs.
“I made you something!” She looped a fuzzy thing around his heck and Kyoichi’s eyes widened as she knotted it tight around his throat.
“Hey there, Yuki, I can’t breathe.” He chuckles and tugs on the scarf to loosen it. His daughter giggled and snuggled against his chest. He stroked her hair. “Thanks.”
Pulling the end of the scarf, he saw the uneven knitting and smiled. “Why the scarf all of a sudden? It’s not that cold overseas.” Brown eyes peered up at him under the long lashes and Yuki laughs before hugging him again.
“Cause you’re the best dad EVER.” She mumbles with a determined note into his chest, and Kyoichi wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll miss you, dad.”
His heart warmed and he kissed the top of her head.
“I know.”
“Will you miss us too?” Yuki blinked. Kyoichi flicked her forehead lightly.

Kaito Kunishiro:
Kyoichi called down the hall.
“Where is my cell phone!? I need it NOW!”
The luggage was at the door, and Kyoichi glanced at the clock. It was time. What the heck was his son doing with his phone?
“Coming, dad!” Kaito came sprinting down the hall, tailed by his little sister in her double braids and sundress. “Sorry!”
He pushes the cell phone into his father’s hand along with a pair of headphones.
“What is this?” Kyoichi looks at him curiously, raising an eyebrow.
“I loaded you up on music and a video chat app.” His son smiled anxiously, tilting his head up to meet his gaze. “I put in some songs that will remind you of us when you go. Sorry it was a little bit laggy and I’m late an-“
Kyoichi didn’t let him finish, embracing him firmly, clutching his son against him as he allowed himself a few moments with his family before heading off on his month-long trip.
“Thank you, Kaito.”
The boy squeezed his arms around his father, and slowly let go.
“Take care of your mom and Yuki when I’m gone, alright?” Kyoichi put a hand on his son’s head and the boy nodded in all seriousness, puffing out his chest.
“Of course, dad. Come back soon!”

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