INU – ossan to obahan
November 4th, 1980 Kwansei University show

*it’s important to note that back prior to the rapid expansion of livehouses in Japan venues were limited to concert halls for classic culture or spaces available in public places.  University festivals were not rare for some of these bands to play at and while the tradition still stands today it is kind of rare in larger cities to see a punk show at a university now.  With the way Kou Machida shit talks it is kind of hilarious to image this at a university.

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  • ’¬“cN+The Glory
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Kou Machida and the Glory - Mou Dame Da

mou dame da mou dame da watashi ha mou dame da
inochi o hikari o ai o shintai o ai o
mou dame da mou dame da watashi ha mou dame da
mou dame da mou dame da watashi ha mou dame da
saitei na n da saikou na n da ima owaru n da mou dame da
saikou na n da saikou na n da watashi ha mou mou dame da

One thing I really love about MOU DAME DA…..the KOU MACHIDA song Klara posted a translation to earlier is the wonderful sound the repetitions of those syllables makes…. then…saitai nande….I mean it’s the WAY he sings them I suppose. Like magic.

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