I want you to look at the following screencap very carefully, at first glace it might look like an Onion article but the reality is this is a legit Kotaku article written by Patricia Hernandez a so called “game journalist”.

This is the type of shit I’m fighting against, biased as fuck articles written by insane wackjobs pushing a shitty agenda down their readers throats. This needs to stop and that’s why we need to take down Gawker by sending their advertisers emails asking them nicely to pull out. Gawker owns Kotaku and if we take down Gwaker then Kotaku will follow.

Don’t let pieces of shit like Patricia Hernandez ruin our hobby, email Gawker’s advertisers and let your voice be heard.

When confronted with an achievement so momentous that it will be written about for decades, perhaps centuries to come, the Gamergate community stood in awe and wonder. Social Justice Warriors bitched about a guys t-shirt and harassed him until they broke him on national television like something you'd see right before a North Korean show trial execution.