A live action version of Kiki’s Delivery Service has been announced. The film will be directed by Juon (a.k.a. The Grugde) director Takashi Shimizu. Kiki will be portrayed by Fuka Koshiba, a 16 year old ice skater turned actress.

The film won’t necessarily be a remake of Miyazaki’s animated classic, but will instead be a new adaptation based on the original novel by Japanese author Eiko Kadono.


Finally finished compiling some nice photos of all of these figures~

Each measures roughly 3-4 cm/1-1.5 in. small enough to fit in your hand.  They make nice desk companions~

Please shoot me an email at WinnieBeatles(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject “Hatofigure Commission” if you are interested in commissioning me to make you one.  I am charging $25 each (not including shipping).  

I will not start fulfilling commissions (or taking money for them) until I return to my home in mid-February.  I will fulfill as many orders as I can before I leave for Kyoto in April.

In the meantime, feel free to email me to reserve a spot and I’ll let you know when I’m ready to start.

Thanks to everybirdy who has shown interest in my little Hatofigures so far!


In the last week I was in Japan, my family and I went to Kobe and visited two Hatoful locations.  The second place we went to was the Torimi Cafe.  It was a must-visit for me, and was well worth the trek. 

The cafe is just as adorable as the game depicts.  My family and I were welcomed with an adorable reservation sign on one of the table closest to the bird cage.  I actually got to see Azami’s face claim while I was there, which was great since she’s one of my favorite characters in the game.

The food was delicious, and adorable.  We all got a little birdie bread of our own, and I couldn’t say no to one of the birdifully artsy parfaits.  I chose the java sparrow one of course.  Black sesame ice cream with lots of fruit and other tasty treats hidden under it.

I bought I few souvenirs including a pen, a postcard, a sticker sheet and Damu’s first volume of the Okosan volume.  And before we left, the cafe owner gave us some adorable bird-shaped cookies.

I can’t thank Moa enough for being so helpful and patient with directions for both the cafe and the zoo and reserving us a spot at Torimi.  It was a wonderful day I will never forget it!

Kosibah new collection   themed Yoruba “Cherish”

We usually see bridal and evening wear collections from Kosibah, but now the Nigerian design label owned by Yemi Osunkoya is giving us something special with its “Cherish” collection.

The collection’s pieces have a Yoruba theme with each piece named AbikeAdukeAjokeRonke and Tinukerespectively. The brand has created this collection with a theme of luxury, femininity and structure for the confident and feminine woman.

[Monthly Entame] - Monthly Kizaki Yuria - Volume 3

This is the third episode (from the August issue you can buy here or here) of Yuria’s serialization on Monthly Entame.
Be sure to read this one as it touches a couple of very interesting topics. A past one and an…upcoming one.
Namely: The General Election and GTO.
Enjoy, love Yuria and…may Peace be in your hearts!


Kizaki Yuria, who achieved her long desired participation in a tv series with a school setting.
However, it turned out her character is going to actually be an evil one!
And that’s not all!
We will also talk about the first General Election she got to face after her transfer to AKB48.
We shall bring to you this June of turmoil directly from Odaiba.

Nagoya’s star moving to Tokyo.
The journal of Yuria Peace’s transfer to the capital!


Interview: Wonderful news for all the Kizaki Oshis!
It’s been decided for you to appear - playing the student Yurihara Satsuki - in GTO, the TV series that will start airing in July (on Fuji TV, at 22:00, on Tuesdays).
So let’s start from that!

Kizaki: Oh wow! This means I can do some advertising for that (laughs)

I: GTO is also known for having starred a large number of popular actresses.
This time is no exception, and there are several young stars with everyone’s expectations already upon them, such as Matsuoka Mayu-san. How is the atmosphere on the set?

Kizaki: We’ve all got quite close to each other! Like, it’s so soothing to even just look at Koshiba Fuuka-chan! I also get along really well with Matsuura Miyabi-chan. You know? She previously appeared in a Sailor Moon theater play, so she keeps dancing Sailor Moon for me all the time on the set (laughs).
However, when the filming starts, their faces turn into that of actresses, so I had nothing but things to learn from them all!

I: How about the character you’re going to play?

Kizaki: Oh, about that…
"A girl who uses boys as wallets"…something like that.
The character I play has got a boyfriend.
And let’s say she’s more of an evil character…
Despite having a boyfriend, her attention goes to other boys.
There might actually be a scene that will startle my fans

I: Something that will make them go like “Oh, no! Yuria got dyed in the colors of the big city!!”? (laughs)
(tln: this might sound super random if you’re not used to it, but it’s actually something very easy to read around almost every time Yuria does…anything. Like…”She polished her nails! OMG she’s getting dyed in the colors of Tokyo :((((“. It comes from a minority of a specific kind of fans not exactly happy, and overly concerned, about her transfer to AKB and Tokyo…It’s so common it’s ridiculous - I infact loved the interviewer for joking about it.)

Kizaki: It’s actually true that, right as I started my life in Tokyo, many fans got particularly worried about me. So…yeah, I might end up making them worry even regarding my character in the series, but there’s actually nothing to be anxious about, really, so…please, stay relaxed!!
As long as my phone’s wallpaper will keep being a 2D-related image and as long as I’ll keep buying Animage, there won’t be anything to worry about (laughs)

I: Are there some aspects in which the character you play actually resembles you?

Kizaki: I guess we’re similar in being strong willed and in having a hard time when it comes to be honest with ourselves. We’re kind of…tsundere. (laughs)
(tln: “tsundere” is a term that was originally used specifically for game\manga\anime characters but then became a colloquial common term. Without getting in the details, it refers to people that tend to be cold - at times aggressive and hostile - most of the time, almost always hiding their true feelings behind that facade.)

I: Now, speaking of the big events of June, we can’t avoid mentioning the General Election!

Kizaki: My ranking dropped of one position compared to last year’s one, so…
I transferred from SKE48 to AKB48, so I’m sure there also were people having complex feelings regarding that…
On that day, I was unusually very nervous.
Even though I generally eat pretty much anything, with no problems, I could drink nothing more than 3 sips of the corn soup my mom - who had come to Tokyo - prepared for me in the morning.

I: You also showed some tears during the speech…

Kizaki: I ended up crying as I heard the voice of the fans.
I can’t deny I was also feeling frustration above anything else.
Maybe, if only I had worked harder, more people would’ve voted for me.
Because well, in a way, the Election’s result also turns into an estimation of my work in the past year.
Still…here’s what I think, ultimately.
I work as an Idol because I want to. I dance and sing because I like to.
After coming to Tokyo and becoming a Team 4 member I still have only barely appeared on Stage and, speaking of the tv-series, I’m simply having the privilege to do something I myself want to do.
So, the fans who keep supporting me despite the fact that I’m doing nothing but what I want and like…are really, really kind.
That’s what I think.

I: And for these kind fans, let’s aim at the senbatsu next year!
This time your sworn friend - Kinoshita Yukiko - ranked for the first time.

Kizaki: Yes, that’s right! I couldn’t help but cry during the ranking announcement!
Yukko is my n°1 Oshimen! I was also super happy that all the 3rd generation members who presented candidacy managed to rank!

I: In regards of Kinoshita, what is that you like the most about her?

Kizaki: Her face! (*immediate answer*)
Her face and her body figure! Oh, and her stylishness!
I absolutely want for her to become a model.
Truth is I love models’ photo books, and if Yukko would release one, I’d 100% buy it!
(tln: About Yuria’s love for Yukko’s face = Video Reference 1, Video Reference 2)

I: Still, you’re so busy with work that it seems you’re not having much time to get used to Tokyo!

Kizaki: Yeah, the subways are really being a challenge…
More than going around searching for the right lines, what’s making me struggle are the trains’ transfers!
Like, I always end up passing by different platforms and I feel like I get to walk at least 3 times more than I do in Nagoya’s subway!!
I really can’t find my way, so I very often just wander about… *bitter smile*


This Month’s Location
Kizaki Yuria x Odaiba

Inside me, there’s the image of Odaiba being the perfect date spot in Tokyo!
I came here for work once and I played around with members, because we had quite a lot of free time. I remember sending off Kanon and the others waving my hand as they got on the Ferris Wheel. The night scenery is beautiful too. There even is the Statue of Liberty (laughs)
It really feels like the perfect place for a first date. It would be possible to keep talking forever and ever while walking…


Born in January 29 1998, in the Saitama Prefecture.
Height: 148.5 cm
Blood Type: 0
Nickname: Miion

An AKB48 15th generation member.
She was promoted to Team 4 during the Big Reformation of February 2014.  She’s receiving a lot of attention after having been nominated directly from Ooshima Yuuko as her successor for the center position in Heavy Rotation.

She’s small! She’s cute!
Still, she speaks in a very proper and formal way!
When I talk to her she feels like an older girl and I end up being the one feeling obliged towards her (laughs).
I perceive both her and Nishino Miki-chan as the members in charge of the soothing factor inside Team 4.
Like…she basically ends up dragging along the tokkoufuku she wears during Kobushi no Seigi! (laughs)
However, she’s not only cute!
She’s really good in her unit - Zannen Shoujo - with her expressivity and her way of saying those lines, so be sure to pay attention to that!!