A live action version of Kiki’s Delivery Service has been announced. The film will be directed by Juon (a.k.a. The Grugde) director Takashi Shimizu. Kiki will be portrayed by Fuka Koshiba, a 16 year old ice skater turned actress.

The film won’t necessarily be a remake of Miyazaki’s animated classic, but will instead be a new adaptation based on the original novel by Japanese author Eiko Kadono.


Finally finished compiling some nice photos of all of these figures~

Each measures roughly 3-4 cm/1-1.5 in. small enough to fit in your hand.  They make nice desk companions~

Please shoot me an email at WinnieBeatles(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject “Hatofigure Commission” if you are interested in commissioning me to make you one.  I am charging $25 each (not including shipping).  

I will not start fulfilling commissions (or taking money for them) until I return to my home in mid-February.  I will fulfill as many orders as I can before I leave for Kyoto in April.

In the meantime, feel free to email me to reserve a spot and I’ll let you know when I’m ready to start.

Thanks to everybirdy who has shown interest in my little Hatofigures so far!


In the last week I was in Japan, my family and I went to Kobe and visited two Hatoful locations.  The second place we went to was the Torimi Cafe.  It was a must-visit for me, and was well worth the trek. 

The cafe is just as adorable as the game depicts.  My family and I were welcomed with an adorable reservation sign on one of the table closest to the bird cage.  I actually got to see Azami’s face claim while I was there, which was great since she’s one of my favorite characters in the game.

The food was delicious, and adorable.  We all got a little birdie bread of our own, and I couldn’t say no to one of the birdifully artsy parfaits.  I chose the java sparrow one of course.  Black sesame ice cream with lots of fruit and other tasty treats hidden under it.

I bought I few souvenirs including a pen, a postcard, a sticker sheet and Damu’s first volume of the Okosan volume.  And before we left, the cafe owner gave us some adorable bird-shaped cookies.

I can’t thank Moa enough for being so helpful and patient with directions for both the cafe and the zoo and reserving us a spot at Torimi.  It was a wonderful day I will never forget it!

Kosibah new collection   themed Yoruba “Cherish”

We usually see bridal and evening wear collections from Kosibah, but now the Nigerian design label owned by Yemi Osunkoya is giving us something special with its “Cherish” collection.

The collection’s pieces have a Yoruba theme with each piece named AbikeAdukeAjokeRonke and Tinukerespectively. The brand has created this collection with a theme of luxury, femininity and structure for the confident and feminine woman.