[Album Teaser1] B.I.G(Boys In Groove) - Intro. LOEN MUSIC’s New Brand Name, 1theK! 로엔뮤직의 새이름 1theK! Artist : B.I.G(Boys In Groove) Title : Release : 2014.07….

This is new Kpop group B.I.G/Boys In Groove ) They seem really cool. I think I’m going to really like them. I just hope they don’t in up like most Kpop groups who end of changing but I understand why they change. I don’t blame them but I mean personality wise. I don’t know much about these boys but I know they will debut in july,2014 they didn't put a date. I don’t know what do you think about them? 

fox-facey asked:

Hi!` I have a question about the nicki minaj psd particularly the picture where she's licking her hand. How did you create the blur/high quality ness of layer 2? because if you take both layer 2 and the psd out, the picture is not as nice. What did you do to get from the original picture to the finished product?

I (Jenny) did not make that PSD but I am fairly certain that it looks more high quality because of the effects of topaz clean

[11:02:22] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): his English, his Spanish and his korrean
[11:02:25] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): the triad of sexy
[11:02:45] Rasputin, Russia’s Greatest Lovemachine: Spanish >>>>>>>>>>>>> all else
[11:02:46] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): of being taken your virginity without smex
[11:03:21] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): u kno what s hot
[11:03:28] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): karthus :OOOOOO
[11:03:33] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): jk
[11:03:39] Rasputin, Russia’s Greatest Lovemachine: oh thresh’s boner just
[11:03:45] Rasputin, Russia’s Greatest Lovemachine: broke the time space continum
[11:03:57] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): jesus Christ calm down
[11:04:12] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): is his penis doctor who now
[11:04:31] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): i had my doubts but now im 10000% sure
[11:04:41] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): doctor who is a skeleghostie penis
[11:08:34] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): there s another hot thing tho
[11:08:39] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): luciannnnnnnnnnnn 8)
[11:08:47] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): and it s the hottest
[11:08:57] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): hotter than Spanish trash
[11:09:03] Rasputin, Russia’s Greatest Lovemachine: hissing thresh sounds
[11:09:31] Vayne (DreamWeaveR): seductively touches husband bat hissing noises