Heyoooooo Best Team ever! I know I was missing for a long time ( sorry for that ) but I have finals now and I’m just really stressed out. The good news is that it’s summer brake in 3 weeks and i’ll have more time to draw then, so I’m exited for that. So for now I hope u like that korrasami sketch ( also im working on my coloring skills ).


favorite parts about this

  • the lil bandages korra is wearing around her legs that are completely unnecessary
  • the fact she’s still wearing her arm bands
  • asami looking like she’s wearing tights with her shorts awww
  • their team name is the fire ferrets and yet ? mako and bolin are nowhere to be found ? they completely stole the name just so they could go out and shoot some hoops in matching outfits
  • why is asami bringing her electric glove to a basketball match tho like damn girl chill
  • she definitely came to win

i like how when korra asks ikki and jinora for advice about mako in b1 ep5 jinora’s is “fuck shit up and then kill yourself so he feels bad about what he passed up” and ikki’s is “suck his dick”

and then pema comes in like “bitch take whats yours fuck his girlfriend that man is yours.”

and meanwhile korra’s like…hmmm fuck his girlfriend