Picture it:

Years from now Baatar Jr finally visits Kuvira in prison. At first he doesn’t say anything to her and puts his hand up when she tries to speak. After about 5 minutes of silence Kuvira finally says, “what are you doing? Did you come here just to mock me of what I gave up? To force me to look at you and remember what I did to you as if it doesn’t painfully replay in my mind every moment I breathe?” After Baatar doesn’t answer, Kuvira shakes her head and gets up to leave.

"Wait." She stops when she hears his voice for the first time in years. "Yes… I did come to hurt you. I wanted you to feel my pain, feel my anger!" Kuvira let’s a tear slip as she stands there with her head turned away from him. "But you know what’s the sad part? I can’t do that to you." Kuvira’s head turns to him slightly as his voice got gentler. "Every morning when I wake up, I see the mechasuit pointed at me and I see the purple blast coming towards me and it’s as if I’m reliving that moment again and again.” Kuvira sat sideways on the chair as she continued to avoid eye contact with Baatar. “The nightmare I can’t escape. But you know what eases that nightmare?” When Kuvira realized Baatar was actually asking her she replies blankly with a tear rolling down her face, “what?” Baatar stands up and walks in front of her. She darts her eyes down to the ground before feeling his hand on her cheek. “You.” She looks up with a confused expression when he explains, “The last words you said to me. I love you, Baatar. Those words, your voice, it replayed over and over in my mind. That’s why I haven’t visited you after all these years, because I thought if I never saw you again, your last words to me would be ‘I love you’ and I didn’t wanna give you the chance to change it.” Tears filled his eyes as he said, “I also hoped that it was true.”

Kuvira then clasps her hand around his and says, “It was… and it still is.” He kneels down in front of her and says, “I haven’t fully forgave you just yet but I do want you to know that your hair is a mess, your face has aged and your skin isn’t as radiant…” before Kuvira could scoff at these comments he finishes, “yet you are still the most beautifulest woman I’ve ever seen in my life, and I would still choose you every time.”


No idea why, but to me, this screams Korrasami.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.

Welcome to Rouves, an island country off the side of Europe, situated west for France and north for Spain. Although there are many wonderful islands, our game is situated in the most ancient one of them all, Brieve, which is known for its legend of the red string. Many people come here in hopes of finding their other end. Will you?

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One thing I loved about Korra is that she was never touchy feely when she was dating Mako. Yeah, they'd hug and hold hands, but she never draped herself over him and Mako never seemed bothered by it. I loved that because I'm like that too. My first and only boyfriend broke up with me because I didn't act all girly and clingy. I would state my opinions and talk normally with him. Seeing Korra like that helped me a lot. But in Korrasami, Bryke seemed to have changed that completely.

I agree.  Korra’s relationship style with Mako was pretty refreshing in that regard, whereas the sole depiction we got of her relationship with Asami decidedly wasn’t.  >_>;  It makes so much more sense for her character, too — she has too much energy to stay in one place for too long like that, you know?

So if there are Legend of Korra comics how far do you think they will go with Korrasami and LGBTQIA characters in general?

I hope they show Korra and Asami kissing doing regular couple shit and I wanna know who Kya is with now.  If she is not with anyone I ship her with Lin because I think Kya could get Lin to loosen up.  I also wanna know if Tyzula ever became canon and who the other LGBTQIA characters are.

doodle dump from tonight! I’m trying to teach myself how to use storyboard pro so I looked up some of my favorite shows/shorts online and copied from them - legend of korra, elle michalka’s pull, and sarah partington’s little frog girl. the program is actually super fun to use for doodling! I like it a lot.

Watching Korra cry in The Voice in the Night and I’m like

Fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!

I didn’t even have the audio on as I was making markers (spoiler, it’s my next gifset I decided on for some reason) and it was breaking my heart.

Oh my poor, poor baby!