one of the things i’ve noticed ppl criticize korrasami for is the fact that their relationship is “strictly platonic” and i have to admit…i really don’t understand that argument at all

idk if it’s different with opposite sex couples, but in my experience as a gay woman all of my romantic relationships have grown from strong friendship, and the idea that in order for a dynamic to be romantic it has to be clear at the very start is incredibly…jarring. in the case of lok, most canon romantic relationships (makorra, masami, boleska) have been declared as romantic pretty much from the start. yet, all of those relationships ultimately failed.

korrasami, on the other hand, has developed slowly through the three seasons, to the point where asami is arguably closer to korra than any other character (excluding her family & tenzin). i think this is where the kataang comparisons come from - both of those relationships took a while to develop, as opposed to instant attraction & romance. when people make that comparison, they’re not implying that korrasami is canon, or will be canon, rather, they’re making the very valid point that the growth in the relationship of both those couples runs parallel in some ways

at the moment, asami seems to be the most healthy person for korra to be around. yes, it’s still platonic, but that doesn’t automatically mean it always has to be.