There are so many things I like about these few seconds of the conclusion of the finale. First, Korra is just so beat down and at the mention of the RL, you know she’s going to think back about all the terrible things that happened and she obviously has nightmares judging from the bags under her eyes. And when the MOST OBNOXIOUS PRESIDENT FUCKYOUIHATEYOU RAIKO is all, ‘good job gold star welcome back after i BANISHED you and i don’t even apologize’, I just want to cut him. And then Korra looks down and you know she doesn’t want to respond. She doesn’t want the praise or pity. That hurts to see. Seriously. And then Asami looks down at her and I am just so happy that their friendship has gotten so strong after these past three seasons. You can tell that Asami is her best friend in ways that Mako and Bolin could never be. And she wants to be there for her and not let anyone hurt her. IT HURTS. She wants to be able to make her feel better and bring her out of this awful situation she’s in.

And then you have Ikki who has been immature and selfish in the past, but she’s grown so much even though we haven’t seen her development that much. I feel like children have a certain emotional connection to people in the sense that they can sense when someone needs a little boost and Ikki just wants to do whatever to help Korra happy and make things easier for her.

AND THEN MEELO. He just really makes me happy that he’s so eager to be with Korra. Obviously, each of the airbending babies have different connections with her, but Meelo’s moment with Korra was so sweet. I know a lot of people have commented on the way that Korra lights up and smiles for him and I feel like it’s genuine of her. Meelo’s the type of boy who will make you smile no matter if it’s intentional or not. Korra needs that little bit of sunshine and I’m so so extremely happy that Bryke included this.

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PROJECT VOICEBEND Episode 5 - “The Spirit of Love Triangles”

allow us to soothe that post-book 3 pain today with some teenage relationships and raging hormones!

wait but can we not call someone who is obviously incredibly traumatized mentally, depleted emotionally as well as physically devastated “humbled”…. she’s not humbled. she’s in recovery and probably suffering from a SLEW of anxiety disorders after an assassination attempt

I don’t really consider that “character development” to compare her from when she’s healthy to when she’s barely 2 weeks after someone fuckin kidnapped, poisoned and forced her to fight for her life like…

korra is possibly the most important tv character i’ve seen in my whole life

a young, powerful brown-skinned girl who chases after her own life; who fights for her own choices; who is aggressive and physical and anything but shy; who takes joy and pride in her own strength and skill; who challenges others to be better, including her mentors, without holding back; who is the most empathetic, loving character who will do anything for people she does not know; who loves wholeheartedly and without reserve; who will sacrifice her life for the world; who is beaten down and broken and depressed but smiles for children and finds the strength to fight through anything with nothing but her own spirit


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actual footage of my emotional turmoil during the book 3 finale enjoy