korra spoilers

where asami really was when the factory blew up
  • asami:*in a nice tea shop sipping some tea*
  • asami:*reading a nice magazine with two girls on the cover*
  • asami:*sips tea again*
  • kuvira:*blows up asami's factory*
  • asami:*stops sipping tea to look out the window to see her pride and joy destroyed*
Will Korra die in the finale?

Official description for the last Korra episode, “The Last Stand”: When Korra comes face to face with Kuvira, the fate of the entire Earth Kingdom and the Avatar’s life are at stake

This description is making me very,very anxious. The words “the Avatar’s life are at stake” really strike me. Korra, as a character, has been through so much and developed tremendously from Book 1. In Book 4, she has become very mature and stepped from the shadow of her former self. Her character has grown as she faced her demons that have haunted her for years. Something tells me that since she has gone through such a change, the possibility of her sacrificing herself to save the nation shouldn’t be ruled out as an ending to the series. As much as I do NOT WANT this to happen, I cannot help but think of this happening in the finale. In the events after Book 3 that led into Book 4, Korra isolated herself from the bonds and friendships she created and shut herself out, the very thing she wanted to escape from in Book 1. Upon meeting Toph in the forest, Korra realized that secluding herself was not the answer, as she needed to reconnect with her loved ones. I cannot help but think that since Korra is currently in Republic City with those who care for her, she will sacrifice herself in the presence of them. This is making me cry typing this. Bye.

What does everyone think? *sobs while trying to think about something else*

  • LoK fandom:Without doubt the titular 'colossus' is a clever metaphor of Korra's infinite strength. As we all know, 'colossus' means 'a person of enormous size, importance, ability' and in the penultimate episode Korra will surely unlock her inner strenghts. Moreover, in Greek the term 'kolossos' was applied by Herodotus to the statues of Egyptian temples, which could foreshadow Korra's future monuments and, possibly, temples. She will become a legend.
  • Bryke:it's a giant fucking robot.