Honestly though the series could have ended with Korra and Asami saying “I love you,” kissing passionately, and the camera panning up to the sky to reveal, instead of “The End” written in Chinese, the words “KORRA AND ASAMI ARE GIRLFRIENDS NOW” appeared in 72-point Times New Roman with James Earl Jones reading it aloud as the words appear and people would still be talking about “I think they mean they love each other as friends, and that they’re just really close friends who are girls, just because they kissed doesn’t mean it’s romantic, why can’t a female protagonist ever be straight and single?”

You know it’s fine if you have criticism of how Korrasami was portrayed but don’t say that it shouldn’t have happened or that it came out of no where. There was a healthy build up to it and yeah it was subtle. Sometimes romance is like that. It’s not all about screaming ‘I love you!’s and obvious sexual actions. Love is often strongest in its smallest gestures.

I’ve been sitting with the Korra finale for a few days now, and now that I’ve got my thoughts in order, I’ve put them together below.

I adored Korra from the start - she’s a WoC, she’s headstrong and outspoken and unabashedly awesome and not afraid to throw her weight around. I really identified with that, really saw a lot of great qualities I want to adopt myself and more importantly, qualities that are so rare in female characters on TV, let alone brown women in children’s media.

I really don’t feel like the series finale did her narrative justice at all - everything they set up about her, her personality, her development, and her journey was just dismissed by a season that treated her as a B-plot after a few brilliant early episodes. Not just that, but a poignant, beautiful journey about recovery and the struggle to find yourself again for years after going through something physically and emotionally devastating  was culminated with “I had to go through that to learn how to be compassionate”? Seriously? She was already compassionate. Korra has shown compassion in spades during the series, and beyond that, to treat suffering and torture as a teachable moment is grotesque. It also really runs over a lot of who Korra was - someone who is unapologetic about her strength and ideals and power and now feels like she needed to suffer to learn something. To see her storyline wrapped up with a breezy “I just needed to go through hell for 3 years to learn how to be kind and gentle to dictators!!” throw away line before the episode rushed on was insulting.

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Was it a slam-dunk victory for queer representation? I think it falls short of that, but hopefully it is a somewhat significant inching forward. It has been encouraging how well the media and the bulk of the fans have embraced it.

The only thing about The Legend of Korra that I am unsatisfied with was that there wasn’t enough time for the creators to give us as much detail as Avatar The Last Airbender. 

I would have loved to see Korra be as cutesey and lovey dovey over Asami, as she was with Mako. I would have loved to see her talk about how she was developing feelings for a girl, and when she realized she was bisexual, or pan, or wherever she aligned.

I would have loved to see Asami realize where she fell as well.

I would have loved to see some more background on the Red Lotus.

I would have loved to see Kuvira’s complete backstory.

I wanted to see Opal, Kai, and the other Airbenders train. I wanted to see their growth as characters over the past three years.

All I wish is that the creators had the time to give us those small details, instead of a smack down, right here, this is what is going on. If we had gotten 20 episodes a season instead of twelve, we could have had SO MANY ADORABLE FANSERVICE EPISODES.

Maybe we could have seen Korra talking to Katara or Kaya about how she didn’t feel romatic feelings toward Mako, but did with Asami. 

I just wanted to see the development and growth. Yes. Korra and Asami blushed at each other ONCE in this season and then ran off into the sunset(Spirit world), holding hands and gazing into each others eyes. What I wanted to see was Asami doing Korra’s hair and something happened and they almost kiss, and then are interrupted by a bystander. I WANTED TO FEEL THE SEXUAL TENSION.

Did I want Makorra to be endgame? Well, yeah. I like Mako and I like Korra, and I liked them together. They were endgame. Then Nickelodeon contracted a second season. That ship docked and was torn apart for scrap at the end of season two. 

Season 3 was a big season about growth. So was season 4. 

I just wanted time with these characters; time that Nickelodeon didn’t give us the time to be with, to fully understand. 

Though the ending was beautiful and pretty tied up, I just feel like some of the pieces of the puzzle are missing. Hopefully there will be bits and pieces in the comics. 

Congrats Korrasami shippers, your ship was endgame.

And to my fellow Makorra shippers, SHOW SOME DAMN RESPECT. THEY PUT UP WITH US UNTIL THE END. 

Balance my beautiful fandom friends. We saw both ships sail, no matter the amount of time they sailed, or are still sailing. We need to find that common Korranation ground with each other and try not to insult one another in the process. We all love Korra, so lets act like it. 

also just something i noticed


when this happened, the fandom basically created a brand new ship over a tiny pat on the cheek and a very hefty majority of the fandom automatically assumed Wei HAD to be gay. Because of a simple pat on the cheek because ‘hey bud thanks for catching me and thanks for saving the fam.’


but when THIS happened, after basically 2 books of their relationship developing from friends to best friends to something more, people automatically scream “JUST FRIENDS. STOP READING INTO THINGS SO MUCH.”

just saying 

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Hi! You make some really compelling points in your critique of Korra learning a "lesson" from her suffering. I was just wondering what you think a better alternative would be for her narrative? Hope this doesn't come off as sarcastic because I hadn't really thought about this part of the ending too much and I would love to hear more about what you think would serve as a better bookend to Korra's journey

I wanted her to come to the conclusion that she, Korra, Korra the person, the woman, was important, was a good person, didn’t NEED to be completely wrapped up in her Avatar life and title to feel worth something, to feel necessary. She needed to know that she is more than just the Avatar, that she is Korra and she is a great person as well as being the Avatar. But that’s not what happened - Korra got sidelined in her own series finale season and in the end, if they did praise her, they praised AVATAR Korra, not Korra the person. That’s very, very frustrating.

I wanted all of her friends, all of her family to talk to her, express to her how much they love and value her, her just hanging out with her friends to show her as an individual, you know? She’s the Avatar, that’s cool. But she’s also KORRA, which is what makes her amazing, not the other way around.