Wow, so I cannot draw.

That’s alright though. I’m more of a writer. And I have a story to tell.

I have always been disabled. However, up until eight years ago, I could still walk, run, skip, jump, etc. In November 2006, I had a surgery that left me almost paralyzed. I could walk short distances but had to spend the rest of my time in a wheelchair. I was scared and confused. I didn’t know what to do. One day, I turned on the small television in my hospital room and realized that there was an Avatar marathon on. Now, you must understand. I’ve watched Avatar since I was in the fourth grade – when the very first episode came out! So I sat back and eagerly watched the marathon, whispering the dialogue and humming along to the music. When The Northern Air Temple came on, I sat in stunned silence. I had forgotten all about Teo! Here was an epic, well-written, character who just so happened to be disabled! Even better, he was a character who didn’t let his disability define him! By the time I reached The Blind Bandit, I was grinning from ear-to-ear as I watched Toph take down the group of wrestlers.

Toph and Teo are two of the best characters with disabilities that I’ve ever seen. Both are shown to have their limitations. Nevertheless, they’re both mentally, emotionally, and physically strong! And most importantly, they overcome their limitations! Teo can still fly around with the rest of his friends and is able to protect his home when the time comes. Toph is still able to travel around with the Avatar and has proven herself to be an excellent fighter and the greatest earthbender in the world!

To me, it was as if these fictional characters were saying, “You can do this! Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. What do they know!?”

And eight years later, it seem that the tables have turned.

A large part of the Avatar fandom seems to be taking the news that Korra’s in a wheelchair very badly. I’ve seen so many depressing and nasty comments. Many people are wondering how the Avatar can still fight and keep balance while being in a wheelchair.

And every time I see someone comment about how Korra “can’t do this” I just smile and think, “Yes, she can.”

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LOK | Change by xShywings

This video is so amazing I’ve been watching it repeatedly pretty much all day

10 Things I Want In Book 4
  1. To see Katara and Korra having a meaningful conversation about the current state Korra’s in and for it to make me really emotional. Not just emotional because it’s Katara, but emotional because of what it actually means. Katara would be able to shed a lot of insight and advice with Korra about understanding the role as the Avatar. She could tell her that although being the avatar is a huge part of her life, it’s not the only part. Katara would be able to tell Korra this because she has experienced it with Aang. She could tell Korra about the mistakes he made but she could also tell her about all of the wonderful things. She could tell her that, yes, Aang did save the world, but she could also tell her that he was a great person as well. She could tell Korra that being a good person and being who she is is far more important her being the Avatar. I would also like this conversation with Katara to open up Korra’s thoughts about Mako. I know a lot of people are sick of shipping, but I feel this would be huge for Korra and Mako’s development. Korra could look back on him saying that he didn’t care if she was the Avatar or not and also take into account about what Katara was saying about Aang. It would be a huge moment and tie a lot of things together from the old series to the new. 
  2. I want to have a really emotional haircut scene. I’d like to have one after the scene with Katara. I’d imagine that Korra would have had time to think things over and then I can imagine this scene in which Korra gets this look of determination on her face. I’d like to see her force herself out of her wheelchair and limp to a mirror. Then I’d like to see her cut her hair. I want this scene to scream that she’s done with the past. I want this scene to scream that no matter how many times she’s been so concerned with not being needed or not being the avatar in the past, that she’s done with it now. She’s choosing not to be Korra the avatar, she’s choosing to be her and to see how being the avatar fits in. She’s ready to start over and we see her grow physically and emotionally. 
  3. We’ve heard Hiroshi will be appearing, so I honestly hope that something happens between him and Asami. I hope Asami has the courage to look him in the eye and tell him about the pain he’s caused her. I really have no guesses as to what a conversation between them could be like, but I hope she’d tell him about the support she’s found from her friends and I hope whatever happens that she can find peace and closure to that part of her life. She’ll be a lot stronger for it. 
  4. I feel like a lot of Bolin’s arc has been him learning to be himself, rather than being Nuktuk. It’s actually a different type of parallel to the arc that Korra’s getting ready to endure if you think about it. I hope we continue to see him grow into being Bolin in book 4 and I of course hope we can see him grow with Opal. I just really want to see Bolin happy. 
  5. I really hope Mako comes to a nice place in Book 4. I know a lot of people don’t care for him, but I feel as if he’s the most misunderstood character on the show. All of his life, he’s not been able to express his feelings or be just him. That’s how things have went awry with Korra and Asami before. He’s always had to the father-figure to Bolin and he’s just been through a lot. He’s dealt with a lot of unhappiness and struggles with showing those emotions to anyone, as Asami has pointed out. I hope he can find a place where he can be comfortable in showing those emotions and being comfortable in finding peace with his new family- Korra, Asami, Bolin, the airbenders, his grandmother… I just really hope it all works out for him. I need Mako’s happiness like the Earth Queen needs air. 
  6. I hope Mako and Asami have a nice talk while Korra is gone. I hope they can talk and laugh with one another about the past. I hope that they can say they both made some silly mistakes and then ultimately move on from the matter all together. I think this would elevate not only Mako and Asami’s friendship, but them as separate characters as well. Mako could possibly open up to Asami about his feelings for Korra, and Asami could open about her dad. It would be great. 
  7. I want Korra to come back to Air Temple Island with a newfound hopefulness and smile. I want everyone to rush to her and tell her how much they love her hair (and if the events with Korra and Mako were to happen while had been away, I’d hope that they’d blush). I hope Korra can express to Tenzin how he’s making her feel, but in a calm manner. 
  8. I would like to see Kuvira pose a conflict that’s so intense and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Book 4 is supposed to be extremely emotional, so I hope she poses an extremely emotional threat that attempts to throw balance away forever. I would like to see all of this while Korra and Tenzin kind of discuss Korra’s place versus the new jedi-like airbenders. I want Jinora to ultimately be the one who sees what Korra means and presses her father to try to understand. I want Jinora to symbolize everything new in the air nation. 
  9. In the end I want balance to be achieved as best as it can. With Korra knowing who she is and knowing her place in the scheme of balance. I want there to be a moment where the world realizes its own perfect balance and somehow connects Korra back to her past lives. I want Korra to have a really emotional scene with Aang and all of the other avatars and for them to tell her how much of an impact she’s made. She’s changed the world and the beautiful queen needs to know that. I also hope that since the portals are open now that Katara can see Aang, for a fraction of a second. It would tie Korra and Katara’s earlier conversation to the end and it would also put a sense of closure to the Avatar franchise as a whole. 
  10. And last but not least, I want an epilogue. I want the “19 Years Later” of the Avatar universe. I would love to be shown how happy everyone is and how the world truly is at balance. I would love to see Korra and Mako together with their children, Bolin and Opal with theirs, Asami as a badass CEO with an unknown husband and a child. I want Ikki and Meelo to now be airbending masters and I want the whole air nation to be just what they were before the 100 year war, a nation, not saviors. I want all of Korra, Bolin, and Asami’s children to play together while they sit together and talk about how life is pretty good and them all smile and think about the journey they have endured. 
Book 4 Rumors Round-Up

These are things that I’ve heard about Book 4 so far (note: take the following with a grain of salt): 

  • John Michael Higgins (Varrick’s voice actor) said in July 2014 - at the SDCC - that we would be learning about his character’s backstory in the last book. 
  • Hiroshi Sato supposedly makes an appearance. 
  • The airbenders are going to take on a ‘Jedi-esque’ role and travel the Avatar universe and help people. (This was confirmed by Bryan in the IGN interview they did a couple of weeks ago.) 
  • One of the first Book 4 episodes made an animator cry. 
  • There’s supposedly a time skip at the end of the book. (No source to confirm this though. It’s only a rumor.) 
  • Asami remains single at the end of Book 4. (I’m assuming that Bolin and Opal get together.) 
  • We’re going to see General Iroh again… and Tahno might make a small appearance (cameo?) as well. 

Things that we might see: 

  • A reunion scene with Zuko and Iroh (tbh Mike and Bryan wouldn’t have included the scene with Korra and Zuko discussing his uncle if it didn’t serve a purpose later on). 
  • Toph’s return. Again, Mike and Bryan wouldn’t have hinted that she was alive in Book 3 if they didn’t plan on bringing her back later on. 

Things we’ll most likely see: 

  • The Krew visiting the Fire Nation. 
  • Mako and Korra getting back together (there are more hints that point to that fact than anything).