Rise Africa Wednesday: “Funfere Koroye”

Name: Funfere Koroye
Country of Origin: Nigeria

This month in Rise Africa we’ve explored the Africa of the future and shared our vision as well as our concerns on the growth of our continent. Rise Africa Wednesday has displayed the work of those that have contributed to the future of Africa with innovative thinking and fearless ambition. We continue this trend with this week’s feature, Funfere Koroye. Most people know Funfere Koroye as the fashion wonder who took social media by storm with his personal style. What most people don’t know is that there is much more to Koroye than an impeccable fashion sense. He is the quintessence of the new designer emerging in Africa.

A product engineer with an eye for futuristic innovation, Koroye is fast on his way to remodeling the Africa of the future. His work on projects like the M6 Wind Powered Car and Kidetic Playground (which would allow children to explore the idea of energy consumption) illustrate Koroye’s dedication to creating green solutions for Africa through his vast knowledge of product design and marketing. Koroye is currently working on a shoe line that will cater to needs of Africans by incorporating the elements of functionality and aesthetics of various types of shoes. Rise Africa had the privilege of catching up with Funfere. Here’s what he had to say…



From Nigerian fashionistas to pan-African designer wear and South African street style, Afrikablog.dk has assembled a goodie-bag of African fashion bloggers, stylists and online stores, you should know.

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Funfere Koroye

Funfere Koroye is a talented 23 year old Nigerian currently in Florence completing his second masters in product design. If you’re interested in catting his style check his FAQ where he gives a hilarious answer to the question “Where do you get your clothes”:

Come on, is that a serious question? I use the internet and go to stores, just like you. The womens section also helps to stand out. Try it, you might like it … stop asking where i get stuff you can easily find in Zara.

So there it is, create your own damn style. But for inspiration check out Koroye’s lookbook + tumblr (below), and click here to buy his designs.


I kicked off the new year in Nigeria but now I am back to some well needed learning in Italy for a near future project I will reveal soon enough. Finished my first masters in product design last year successfully, now on to the next one in bespoke shoe making this time in Florence.

Caught up with my homie in Milan today, stefano Carloni, who has once again beautifully captured me in a button up shirt and shorts from the new givenchy collection. The sneakers are a personal favorite I have had my eye on for years, so naturally when I found the last pair in my size I had to buy it, Mason Martin Margiela is nothing but a genius. Too bad he sold the company and it is now owned by diesel.

I have received a lot of bad mouthing for my recent outfits glorifying a certain aesthetic made popular in recent times through a rapper who shall not be named. Quite frankly I have to admit I missed the head of the nail on my recent appearances but I aim to change all that this year. So this is my Coming To Europe post. Stay tuned for more, things will be getting progressively interesting in the next couple months. Appreciate the support and kind words. Criticism is also eagerly welcomed.

"Africa is Done Suffering" means Africans aren’t beggars, we are not hungry for food. We are curious and creative beings looking to migrate for education and initiate change no matter the location. I for one have no real pride in Nigeria, simply because I can’t turn my back on my fellow African to satisfy some twisted sense of national belonging. We must unite and drop pointless barricades. Enough with the handouts, if charities worked we would be in a better place. I don’t want to sound too aggressive but we must almost cut off the hands of those teaching down to give us scraps. Let’s give away free knowledge, not free food. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Africa will never be done suffering, until we stop whipping our mentality with the western cane. Let’s stop digging up slavery as a crutch, look at Rwanda today moving forward after a terrible genocidal history. We must let go, look forward and stop looking for whom to blame. I mean how can we be done suffering when we use a religion we didn’t create to kill others. Let’s be humans, let’s be family. One day I hope to say the suffering is over, not because bad things will stop happening but because we lifted the mental enslavement.
—  Funfere Koroye; Interview with Rise Africa


Funfere Koroye

 On the final day of Pitti Uomo 84, I managed to take a few moments to “rest” in the shade. During that time I met this young gentleman.

We spent time discussing politics, art, music, fashion, Africa, community, business, creativity and so much more.

It is always great to meet talented, down to earth individuals with a love for their art and an appreciation for real creativity.

Mark my words. One day Nigeria will be the hub of forward thinking and advanced innovations. Sadly it is not coming soon. I stand on a terraformed piece of land that will soon be a luxury estate but i am not impressed. Lagos has so much potential if it listens to the right people. I want to be one of those people but sadly no one want to look passed my appearance. I cant be bothered to impress anyone or follow in the mistakes of the past. To usher in change we must sometimes accept what we don’t understand.

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BIG 60 is back and got off to a great start on Saturday with the AWCA Block Party. There was lots to eat and drink, games and a interactive installation that drew a fun and stylish crowd.


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Often i think to myself about morphing the Nigerian Aesthetic and all that comes to mind is the Practical Tribal Representations as opposed to the uncomfortable western ideals that have turned into cliches.

Sometime last year, Temi Adebayo and I spoke about creating proper hand crafted goods with Engineered African Wax Prints that wouldn’t be a cliche piece of clothing. We settled on a five panel, as some know is tough to make, which is why it took nearly a year to realize.

After working closely with a skilled Nigerian menswear tailor here in Lagos, it was realized gloriously in 2 weeks. We plan to keep pushing Quality Dry Goods that stem from Innovation, Function and Culture.

This photo was taken in the Ajah market, same place the hat was made, marking the start of the Nigerian Nostalgia Nexus Project. In my next post in the series i will have a more in depth analysis on our inspiration for this 5 panel and the rest of this capsule collection. Stay Inspired.