kkaepop’s texture pack #3

ahh yes~ this is my last texture pack! (im pretty sure.. maybe?)
this took pretty long.. yeah i know. it was pretty brain straining trying to think up complex ideas and improved textures people would actually want to use. fml please like the textures and transparents or i swear to kim jonghyun’s vocals that i will cry and eat raisins for the rest of my life (pls dont make me eat raisins omg..)
so uhh.. lets get to the contents!

in this pack:

  • 20 textures
  • 15 transparents
  • tips & tricks
  • lol this is the third time but, there’s the cover and rules (lol swag cool cool)

lastly, please read the rules once you have downloaded the texture pack. AND like/reblog if using!

DOWNLOAD HERE (zip file)

It’s no secret that the Korean entertainment industry’s prime export — K-pop — is now a global phenomenon. But for what’s considered a largely Asian hit-making machine, it’s Americans who are often headlining the groups.

How did things come to be this way? To talk about it, we found a pioneer of the cross-over gambit, Jae Chong, in a basement studio in Seoul.

Chong is an Asian superproducer. But that’s not his only claim to fame. He’s written and produced hit singles for Mando-Pop supernovas like Coco Lee and A-mei, and several K-Pop stars who are household names in Asia, like Kim Gun Mo, and JYJ.

And Chong, like so many American-born Koreans … made it big in the Asian pop industry partly because of his American-ness.

How Asian-Americans Found A Home In The World Of K-Pop

Photo Credit: Elise Hu/NPR

Check out Elise’s adventures on her tumblr: Elise Goes East

TMZ Racist EXID Comments Rant.


This video shows the moment when EXID arrived at LAX for the  Korea Times Music Festival. 

Needless to say, I am disgusted by the people on this video who so blatantly make fun of Junghwa for how she speaks English. Not given that fact THAT JUNGHWA IS KOREAN AND THEREFORE HER FIRST LANGUAGE IS KOREAN NOT ENGLISH.

 I would fucking love to see any of these people try to speak even one line of Korean. 

Why even cover a story on a Kpop group, who by the way had tons of fans waiting to take pictures and greet the girls, if you’re just gonna be a racist asshole? Why?!

Don’t even get me started with the one and only Asian woman in this video who just allows these people to make fun of other Asians. 

Sure, she proudly states that she was born in America, but what about her parents or the parents of her parents. Like how in hell are you gonna let them talk shit like this?

Ugh I’m furious right now…

Why can’t people realize that some people’s first language is not English? 

EXID were nice enough to try! And hell I understood Junghwa just fine! There was no need for any of the comments these people made. 

The only thing I’m happy about is that EXID is now receiving the attention they so long deserved. These girls are amazing, and they have worked so so hard to get to where they are right now. 

And I say worked so hard, because despite the fact that they became famous over the Hani fancam, they have shown time and time again that they are not just pretty faces. 

LE is an amazing rapper 

Solji, Hani, and Hyerin are amazing vocalists

And Junghwa, the girl who these people made fun of, is an amazing dancer, vocalist, and rapper. 

So TMZ can just go sit their racist asses down, and shut the fuck up because they don’t know shit about these amazing girls. 

I’m done.