Wearing my circle lenses today since they come in the mail yesterday! This was my first time putting contacts in my eyes and it was such a pain but eventually I got them! XD My eyes are still adjusting to them so I can’t say for sure yet how comfortable they are but so far so good! 

They are Geo Medical Xtra Bella in Grey and I got them from koreabigeyes.com!

Contact Lens Sale

Hey guys! So, Koreabigeyes is having a $10.99 sale on all their GEO series lenses, but it only lasts the duration of September. So, not that much longer! We’re not personally promoting or anything, we just know cosplay can cost a lot of money and many people [including us] are on budgets, so this is a good opportunity to stock up on lenses you need. Now fair warning, neither of us have purchased from this site before, but we’ve heard a lot of good feedback. Both of us are going to be purchasing multiple pairs before the sale ends, so we’ll let you peeps know how it goes!

Hope it helps some of you out!