kordhosen asked:

104 + 146

104. Have you ever been overweight?

No I’ve always been pretty skinny

146. Have you ever got caught sneaking out or doing something bad? 

No never. I’m good. Or maybe I’m just good at being BAD

kordhosen asked:

my dylan experience: 98% of the crowd was over 55 and blazing the entire time. It was glorious.

Haha awesome.  I took a long drive to Hershey Park in Philly last year in September, a few days after I got settled into my new apartment.  (which was about 1 hr 30 away)  I got their a bit late, I had a great seat, it was outside, the weather was nice and the show was incredible.  I wish I had someone to go with but it was still wonderful

Next weekend I’m seeing him along with My Morning Jacket, Dawes, John Butler Trio, Wilco and a bunch of other bands, although I don’t think there will be a lot of blazing as my parents will be there :)