[7:38:44 PM] Princess Jade: i

[7:38:51 PM] Princess Jade: need all the wigglers

[7:39:00 PM] Princess Jade: i want to be the dolorosa

[7:39:21 PM] Stridercolada: XDDD

[7:39:23 PM] Pearl: Pearl gives u all the wigglers

[7:40:11 PM] Princess Jade: Princess Jade hugs them all


this made me imagine the entire chat as wigglers so

wiggle koorii

Koorii: god i found this really fucking TERRIBLE davesol fic last night
Koorii: it was p obvious it was someone’s badly thrown together rp

Dragoon Sama: hahaha oh?

Koorii: god
Koorii: i could not even
Koorii: it was that one with the
Koorii: two Gemini’s and a Honeyblood in three paragraphs

Dragoon Sama: XDD

Koorii: i was like
Koorii: fucking NO

Dragoon Sama: Sollux, the gemini, said with a honeyblood blushu on his cheeks, “oh douchebag-sama, I the honeyblood gemini am completely flushed for you!  Except when I am waxing black, like a bipolar gemini should.”  His bi-colored orbs that shone not with honeyblood color but brilliant ruby and sapphire brilliance looked demurely to the floor.

Koorii: yeah because god knows being bipolar means he switches how he feels about someone instead of just gets depressed or whatever

Koorii and Sama watch Advent Children Complete.  This is their reaction to Sephiroth’s appearance.  :]

[6:12:52 PM] Dragoon Sama: djald
[6:12:53 PM] Dragoon Sama: DAT MOVE
[6:13:03 PM] Dragoon Sama: Koorii
[6:13:04 PM] Dragoon Sama: Koorii
[6:13:08 PM] Stridercolada: wich?
[6:13:08 PM] Dragoon Sama: :DDDD
[6:13:12 PM] Dragoon Sama: The finish move
[6:13:14 PM] Dragoon Sama: But Koorii
[6:13:16 PM] Dragoon Sama: :DDDD
[6:13:17 PM] Stridercolada: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[6:13:36 PM] Stridercolada: cloud got 99 problems and sephritosh ALL OF THEM
[6:13:37 PM] Dragoon Sama: *holds breathe*
[6:13:49 PM] Dragoon Sama: asdjfija
[6:13:56 PM] Stridercolada: BOOM
[6:13:59 PM] Dragoon Sama: Fuck yeah
[6:14:00 PM] Dragoon Sama: jsadoifjioadj
[6:14:05 PM] Dragoon Sama: god damn
[6:14:05 PM] Stridercolada: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[6:14:06 PM] Dragoon Sama: it
[6:14:06 PM] Dragoon Sama: aldsjflsdj
[6:14:11 PM] Dragoon Sama: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[6:14:12 PM] Dragoon Sama: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[6:14:19 PM] Stridercolada: MASAMUNE
[6:14:19 PM] Dragoon Sama: Float
[6:14:21 PM] Dragoon Sama: alkdsjfldkads
[6:14:22 PM] Stridercolada: SO NICE
[6:14:25 PM] Dragoon Sama: What a shame
[6:14:57 PM] Stridercolada: Stridercolada rolls around gleefully
[6:14:59 PM] Dragoon Sama: Sephiroth you badass bastard
[6:15:16 PM] Dragoon Sama: asdljffaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[6:15:31 PM] Dragoon Sama: shaking glee
[6:15:37 PM] Dragoon Sama: Aerith fiiiight
[6:15:38 PM] Stridercolada: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[6:15:56 PM] Dragoon Sama: I probably won’t be reading what we’re typing
[6:16:01 PM] Dragoon Sama: good thing I can touch type pretty good
[6:16:12 PM] Stridercolada: gppd god look at them go
[6:16:14 PM] Stridercolada: fucklelal
[6:16:17 PM] Dragoon Sama: fighting int he building<3
[6:16:25 PM] Dragoon Sama: aljdf   I want mor efights
[6:16:44 PM] Stridercolada: fuck i really want to have sephiroth ask cloud “Where do you find this strength?”
[6:16:46 PM] Stridercolada: JUST
[6:16:48 PM] Stridercolada: BECAUSE HE WONT REACHT WELL
[6:16:52 PM] Dragoon Sama: They’re just throwing pieces of the building around lol
[6:17:00 PM] Dragoon Sama: Aaaah Masamune`
[6:17:15 PM] Dragoon Sama: Shall I give you despair?
[6:17:21 PM] Dragoon Sama: Burning~
[6:17:23 PM] Stridercolada: On your knees
[6:17:27 PM] Dragoon Sama: Kneel down
[6:17:30 PM] Stridercolada: i want you to beg for forgiveness
[6:17:40 PM] Dragoon Sama: Pardon me coming through
[6:17:47 PM] Dragoon Sama: Cloooud<3
[6:18:09 PM] Dragoon Sama: God dadmnit
[6:18:11 PM] Dragoon Sama: They are so cool
[6:18:11 PM] Stridercolada: askdjnkaf HNNNGNGNG
[6:18:15 PM] Dragoon Sama: Just fighting on the falling debris
[6:18:31 PM] Dragoon Sama: omg almost time
[6:18:32 PM] Dragoon Sama: lajdslfkdj
[6:18:33 PM] Dragoon Sama: almost
[6:18:35 PM] Dragoon Sama: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
[6:18:51 PM] Stridercolada: jesus christ
[6:18:54 PM] Stridercolada: Seph just kicked him
[6:18:56 PM] Dragoon Sama: Yes
[6:19:03 PM] Dragoon Sama: Limiiiit
[6:19:13 PM] Dragoon Sama: ow
[6:19:28 PM] Dragoon Sama: WING
[6:19:30 PM] Stridercolada: WING
[6:19:35 PM] Dragoon Sama: AAAAAAAAAAAAh
[6:19:41 PM] Dragoon Sama: Aaaah cloud babbi
[6:19:46 PM] Dragoon Sama: ajdlj
[6:19:47 PM] Dragoon Sama: jadjfoiaj
[6:19:48 PM] Dragoon Sama: adsljafdlkjdalkjgrlajaoi
[6:20:00 PM] Dragoon Sama: What is the most important thing to you?
[6:20:06 PM] Dragoon Sama: ZASKLJF:DJ:ZDZS
[6:20:09 PM] Stridercolada: ZACK
[6:20:09 PM] Dragoon Sama: ZAAAAAAAAAAAACDK
[6:20:13 PM] Dragoon Sama: fuck
[6:20:34 PM] Stridercolada: his face
[6:20:37 PM] Dragoon Sama: I can’t
[6:20:39 PM] Dragoon Sama: i can’t
[6:20:40 PM] Dragoon Sama: felings
[6:20:48 PM] Dragoon Sama: oh god
[6:20:49 PM] Dragoon Sama: I can’t
[6:20:51 PM] Stridercolada: bby
[6:20:55 PM] Dragoon Sama: DON”T YOU EVER FORGET AGAIN
[6:21:00 PM] Dragoon Sama: akldgjfoiawefj
[6:21:08 PM] Stridercolada: ALL THE FEELINGS
[6:21:09 PM] Dragoon Sama: I am going to go back and watch that again when we’re doe
[6:21:11 PM] Dragoon Sama: omg
[6:21:22 PM] Dragoon Sama: FUCK I love Zacdk
[6:21:26 PM] Dragoon Sama: FT<3
[6:21:35 PM] Stridercolada: ima watch the whole seph fight again LOL
[6:21:53 PM] Dragoon Sama: I thought I saw…..
[6:22:03 PM] Dragoon Sama: One of the last afterimages of cloud had a wing?
[6:22:10 PM] Dragoon Sama: Aaaah Seph<3
[6:22:11 PM] Stridercolada: hmmm
[6:22:17 PM] Stridercolada: we can watch for it when we watch again XDDD
[6:22:19 PM] Dragoon Sama: I’ll check later

re: karkat keysmashing

[11:48:47 PM] Koorii: but

[11:48:49 PM] Koorii: hes

[11:48:52 PM] Koorii: keysmashed befire

[11:48:53 PM] Koorii: before

[11:49:02 PM] lexiquius: shakes head at fandom

[11:49:09 PM] Koorii: Koorii canon minutiae

[11:49:10 PM] lexiquius: buries self in pesterlog fort

[11:49:15 PM] lexiquius: sneers at the peasantry

Your name is KOORII and your chumhandle is grandiloquentRaconteur.

You’re something of a WORDY ASSHOLE who loves to write FANFICTION and shove your favorite characters together as your DESTROY EVERYTHING THEY LOVE AND EVERYTHING THEY ARE.  Putting them back together afterward is almost as fun.

Some would call you EVIL you call it A GOOD STORY.

The curtain can’t fall until half your readership has been reduced to tears, after all.

yes that is my real chumhandle feel free to pester me

anonymous said:

Cloud Strife?

lettersfromthegreenroom said:

September 16th 2014, 6:55:00 am · 7 hours ago

Cloud!!! for the meme thingie

Popular guy. :P

  • Why I like them

Why?  Well…Cloud’s a complex character when you get down to it.  He’s flawed, and ridiculous.  He’s likeable and hateable.  I like him because he’s adorable, but at the same time he’s an imposing badass with a fuckton of power at his fingertips.  He’s just /fun/. 

  • Why I don’t

I don’t like angst.  I despise melodrama.  Cloud often gets caught up in both.  When he doesn’t, when he overcomes it and leaves it behind?  I am a happy camper.  Most of my dislikes for Cloud spawn entirely in Fanon Cloud and his heavy melodrama and angst, or when people make him the stereotypical “uke”.  Don’t do either of those things and I’ll purr like a kitten.

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

So many.  So, so many.  That angry look on his face in the beginning when he looks like an offended kitten.  The scene where Sephiroth impales him on Masamune and he’s hanging there, kicking in pain.  The scene /afterward/ where Zack’s at his back, and Cloud looks so, so amazed.  Hell, his entire battle with Sephiroth is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

In game, I’d have to say the way he pulls himself up after learning he wasn’t a SOLDIER.  It’s pretty great seeing Cloud emerge from Zack’s shadow there.  I like how the writers DID manage to make them seem different.

  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line

That fucking line, in Advent Children Complete…where he’s talking about how he must have lost weight from dragging his burdens around or whatever.  Cloud YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR IS SO WEIRD.

  • Favorite outfit

I’m fond of his Advent Children one…if only because it’s funny.  Cloud really.  Wtf is with that waist cape??

  • OTP

AS IF NO ONE KNEW…. SephCloud.  SephCloud for.  Fucking. Ever.  Whether it’s unhealthy, or written in a way that is healthy, I love the dynamic between these two way, way too much.  Even before I was really into FF7 I adored SephCloud.

  • Brotp

Another no brainer.  Zack and Cloud are the best bros to ever have bro’d and no one will ever convince me otherwise.  While it takes a very special story for me to ship these two romantically…I can never get enough of them being the amazing best buds that they are.

  • Head Canon

Uhm…A lot of my “headcanons” i’m not sure are headcanons since they’re heavily supported by canon but…


I guess my headcanons are like…He’s bisexual with no heavy leaning preference toward one gender or the other.  One of his favorite hotspots is his neck, particularly the back of it.  

His sword skill is mostly a cobbled together, self-taught mess, which is the only reason he’s able to wield that hot mess he calls a Fusion Sword.

  • Unpopular opinion

I’m not sure these are unpopular opinions so much as HUGE PET PEEVES that go against the grain of most of the fandom…

Zack does NOT call Cloud “Spiky”.  Barret does.  Zack doesn’t.  

Cloud is not, and never was, a Cadet.  He was a Trooper, a Private, a Grunt, in the ShinRa army.  Cadets are an ENTIRELY different thing, and we never see evidence that Cloud was in a military academy.  He went straight into the ShinRa army.

  • A wish

That he get his happy ending, and grow to be an amazing dude, recovering from all that PTSD and trauma he’s gone through. :>

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Uhhhh…..Hm. Don’t have him die in a shitty way?  I feel like Cloud deserves to go out with a bang.  Idk.

  • 5 words to best describe them

Complex.  Ridiculous.  Cute. Powerful. Self-conscious.

  • My nickname for them

Offended Kitten, Big Dumb Baby, Cloud No.

The sound of a guttural engine rumbles in the sky, a glint of sunlight catching along the reflective metal in a brief, eye catching flare.  A rectangular shape becomes larger and larger, until with a ‘poof’ a parachute abruptly opens up, slowing the descent of the object.  Within minutes the package alights upon the ground, and a shadow falls across it.

The girl had been expecting this.  With a smile stretching her face from ear to ear, she didn’t wait to bring the box to her home in the distance, instead choosing to rip it open with eager hands.  Inside was a tupperware container, the lid the bright red that the sender favored.  Nestled atop it was a card.

yeah so just wanted you to know why this is so late  B|

i went through a lot to get these cookies for you

theyre made of the ground bones and flesh of the batterwitch it was a real trial by dough and oven heat at 350 degrees

i hope youre appreciative of my efforts

it sucked

one of her giant muffin monsters ate my sword and lilcal suffered from severe butter spatter burns

anyway happy late birthday better late than never right


—gardenGnostic began pestering turntechGodhead—

GG: hi dave!!  i got your package!!  :D
GG: i put the card on my bedside table!  it is…ironic!!!  :)
GG: <3

(Seriously though thanks darling♥)

anonymous said:

Hi! I hope I have the right blog; your counter crisis tag says maybe yes? I just sent incoherent flaily love for the fic to your cowriter, but I wanted to send some joy your way, too, because two anonymous gleesplosions were not enough. This is for the both of you, too, but directed at your inbox! Your writing is fantastic and Counter Crisis is amazing, and I am so in love with what you're doing with it! <3 So much happy, so many smiles. Thank you for sharing it!

Yes friend, you have the right blog!  Me and Koorii have been on a bit of a creative hiatus (though we did write some CC a couple days ago IT’S SO HARD), but rest assured that it is on both our minds.  Thank you so so much for the kind words<3, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the fic.  It is our monster baby, and while it can get intimidating at times, we appreciate our audience!

(Hey Koorii look we really should post a chapter if I can ever finish editing it sobs)

You moved I could not find you in my following person list :(((( That said aaaaaaah I want to be there and do CC things ;__; (p.s. I found a scented candle for you. It’s scent is Sephiroth. True story XD )


sorry! i was in the mood for a change XD


…what does sephiroth smell like sama and can we use it in our fic?!

Hey Koorii remember this?

Dragoon Sama: what a…delightful fast food place

Dragoon Sama: (Note: My restaurant has a policy to give out the restroom key to paying customers only. This is to reduce how often we have to clean up blood, drug paraphernalia, and, on occasion, corpses.)

Koorii: ….

Koorii: jfc

Koorii: lol

Koorii: whats worse than a toilet pizza?


Dragoon Sama: …..  Koorii.  >:I

Koorii: :*

Dragoon Sama: “I swear I cleaned the bathroom not five minutes ago, and look, and three week old corpse behind the tank.  How /does/ that happen?”

Koorii: roflmao

Koorii: fucking

Koorii: folded up back there

Koorii: face pressed into his asshole

Koorii: knees around the shoulders

Dragoon Sama: “It’s sadly a common death.  These people have a…well, a kink.  They like to listen to people shit while smelling their own farts.  Sometimes they just forget to come up for air, and then you have /this/”

Koorii: ohmgohod

Koorii: ….

Koorii: what you wanna bet thats a real kink

Dragoon Sama: Well.

Dragoon Sama: There

Dragoon Sama: is the story of the guy who went into one of those portapoty tanks so he could spy on women.  :\

Dragoon Sama: that’s about as close as i’ve hear irl

Koorii: omg

Koorii: peopel are so weird

Dragoon Sama: yes