my beautiful Ascona that horrible people called konoas, kutsis and saagai bought me I HATE YOU ALL FOR THIS except as you know not really ♥

also booty


favourite thing

fjhdg gods I love this thing there aren’t enough thank yous in the world but I shall say that I’m grinning like an idiot and will not stop grinning until my cheeks fall off


konoas replied to your post:kaikki potkii päähän, en jaksa potkii…

Lähetä tänne niin mä voin potkia niitä <3 Ärsyttää sen verran kaikki, että ylimääräinen väkivalta kavereiden hyväksi tekisi hyvää.

Jos saisinkin pakattua kaiken yhteen kasaan ja lähetettyä jonnekin niin voisin lähettää ensin sinne sun luokse mukiloitavaksi ja sitten jonnekin Saharaan hukkumaan hiekkamyrskyyn tai jotain…
music challenge thingy

remppalina tagged me, what an asshat


you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 5 people. one rule: no skipping
1. Ancient Embers - Adrian Von Ziegler
2. Bog of Lost Souls - Ron Fish
3. When We Stand Together - Nickelback
4. Streets of London - Blackmore’s Night
5. Nemureru yoru - Matenrou Opera
6. Scrabania - Ellen Meijers-Gabriel
7. The Longships - Enya
8. Strong Enough - Ryan Tedder
9. Hell’s Battalion - Audiomachine
10. Pride - Amy Macdonald
11. The Hammer Has Fallen - Sabaton
12. Otoshiana no Soko wa Konna Sekai - Matenrou Opera
13. Ring My Bells - Enrique Iglesias
14. The Mirror and The Ripper - Volbeat
15. Fawkes is Reborn - John Williams
16. Carry Me On - Tom Andrews
17. Feed You With a Kiss - Zeromancer
18. Ron Leaves - Alexandre Desplat
19. Peace Love and Understanding - A Perfect Circle
20. Räähähenki - Verjnuarmu


They were perfect yesterday ♥ Second row but didn’t matter cos my aunt was before me in the front row with my cousin (mittthrawnuruodo) and me and Konoas were behind them. It was insane! The feeling when everyone is jumping and you have to just jump with cos you can’t be not jumping… :D

I was pretty tired after all that, because first I woke up hour earlier that I should have and I had to drive there and back it was 780km together that means about eight/nine hours of driving in one day and I was awake bit over 23 hours straight.. Still tired!

I got this from thegirlwiththepolarbeartattoo! Thanks :)

Once you get this, say 5 nice things about yourself and send it to 20 of your favorite followers. Thinking good things about yourself can be hard, but please give it a try, for the sake of spreading positivity!

1. I have a really awesome hair.
2. I think I’m too nice (wow that sounds kinda negative)
3. I. Don’t. Know. Why. I have a fucking awesome taste of music.
4. I don’t know five nice things about myself??? I sometimes like my nails. Not now tho because some of them are too short.
5. Duh I don’t know…. I’m too tired for this. As I was yesterday when I was supposed to do this. 

And because I’m evil (hah, I wouldn’t even know how to pic 20 favorite followers for this!) I will tag mittthrawnuruodo and konoas