After many years of experience in advertising, fashion and industry, Valerie Christoph, Tanja Bornmann and Svetlana Jakel combined their competencies and founded kombinatrotweiss 2002, as a representation office offering a full-service package in Frankfurt am Main.

Our intention is to pool first-class creative work and support our clients in sourcing the right photographers, illustrators and digital artists to implement their projects.

Under one roof we bring together artists with exceptional creative talent. They are selected by specific criteria meeting international standards and the professional, high-quality requirements of our clients. Especially important for us is a distinctive visual identity in the work of each artist we represent.

Our artists work for classical advertising, direct clients, magazines and in some cases their own art projects.

Our services: We offer clients a complete range of services.  They include negotiations on usage rights, planning, production, cost control and casting, as well as the coordination of complex timings.  We maintain close contact with international partners and guarantee smooth, trouble-free completion of productions.  At all times we endeavor to give our clients the best possible input and, together with them – even on tighter budgets – to facilitate top-quality project implementation in line with customer expectations. Shown on our website is a current selection of artwork.  Should you be looking for specific image content not found on our site, please feel free to contact us.  We will gladly send you an appropriate image compilation.


Impressionist. Expressionist. Surrealist.  Hahnemuehle 31/AUG/2011

"Mein Bilder sollen eine übersinnliche subtile Aura ausstrahlen, die zwischen Fotografie und Malerei steht. Deshalb bin ich ein absoluter ‘Matt-Fan’. Meine Portfolios sind auf Photo Rag Duo gedruckt. Auf dem Papier entfalten die pittoresken Werke einen außergewöhnlichen, einzigartigen und multiplexen Sinn für den Zeitgeist der Fotografie." Der Fotograf Stefan Milev bezeichnet sich selbst als Pictorialist und will die Tradition der Kunst-Fotografen aus dem 19. Jahrhundert wie Alvin Langdon Coburn und George Seeley fortsetzen. Auf seiner Webseite www.stefanmilev.com ist er Minimalist: eine kurze Beschreibung seiner Arbeit und ein Bild. Wer mehr sehen will, klickt seine Repräsentanz "Kombinatrotweiss" an.