balbutt said:

Your melon box really fits your size! It seems to be perfectly made for you. But how did you find it?


"I didn’t ‘find’ it. Wrath has this rather strange fondness of melons, so he brought quite alot of them home once.

Also, it is not ‘my melon box’! Why would you even call it that? It’s not like I play with it or anything! I’m not like those stupid human kids!” Psshhhh. He does play with it.


"And what do you mean with ‘it fits my size’?"


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komaron replied to your post: You are such a beautiful being that I just enjoy all the time being together with you. To talk with you about things we both enjoy so much and can laugh about. I love your laugh and your voice. You are such a great person to me, that I’d like to always stay with you. I feel like we’re destined for each other, I want to be yours. You make me smile, you make me feel so warm-hearted and comfortable, that I just want you to be at my side. So, would you like to marry me, maybe?

As I look on the clock now… 40 minutes? ;w;

Okay it really took some time.