Born on a plane ruined by strife and darkness, this white mage left home when her Planeswalker spark ignited—and she never returned. Elspeth specializes in community and fortification, wielding spells that build and bolster mighty armies, while protecting them from harm.

Elspeth wants nothing more than to sheathe her sword for the last time, and find a plane to call home. Violence and destruction have a tendency to follow her, and she is constantly driven to take up arms and wield her defensive magic in the service of those that need her protection.

Elspeth came to Theros from a war-ravaged plane, hoping to find the one thing that has eluded her—peace. Under the watchful protection of gods, she hoped that Theros would not be in need of guardians like her. But when she arrived, Elspeth was quickly identified as an outsider with powers and skills that further distanced her from the natives of Theros. In the wilderness between two city-states, Elspeth was attacked by a monstrous hydra, which had been responsible for the deaths of countless warriors. Elspeth engaged the hydra alone and, after a bitter fight, emerged triumphant. Afterward, she wanted nothing more than to fade into anonymity.

But on the Theros, the best laid plans of mortals often come second to those of the gods. Her feat of heroism has captured the attention of Heliod, god of the sun, who seeks to make her his champion.

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Elder dragon and tyrant of worlds, Nicol Bolas is one of the oldest known beings in the Multiverse.

Mana hungry and wielding a triple threat of blue, black, and red spells, he’s a force of villainous destruction, crushing all magic—and minds—that stand in his way.

Witness to countless wars, cataclysms, and rivalries, Bolas is one of only five elder dragons to survive the Dragon War. He’s also survived the destruction of his Madaran Empire on Dominaria at the hands of Tetsuo Umezawa, the epic duels between the Planeswalkers Leshrac and Teferi, and The Mending, which healed the universe and consequently changed the very nature of the Planeswalker spark, costing several Planeswalkers their lives.

Nicol Bolas left a crumbling Dominaria before The Mending, implying that it couldn’t be saved. “I have prepared a suitable place for myself in that eventuality,” he said before departing through the Talon Gates.

In fact, he had already begun plotting his next scheme for power. His “suitable place” was Alara, which Bolas had been watching for decades. Long ago, he began recruiting agents on Alara’s five shards—gathering individuals and groups who could secretly do his bidding. These agents have sown the seeds of dissent, creating chaos and conflict. Unknown to all but Nicol, the shards of Alara are reconverging into a single plane, and when that happens, he wants all-out planar war.

Why? His obsessive need to regain the godlike powers he had before The Mending. Back then, Planeswalkers were ageless shapeshifters whose supremacy was limited only by their experience and knowledge.

This elder dragon had that power torn away from him, and he will go to any lengths to get it back. For Nicol Bolas, all the power in the universe is not enough.

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• Peggy, Howard and Woody go to the ends of the earth to find… half of the puzzle?!

• Who’s running the last gulag in town? Hydra! That’s who!

• And who’s the woman hiding among them? Who is the man named Vanko? And why can’t Woody trust a talking bear? When interests collide, worlds crack open as Immonen and Ellis continue their rampage across Siberia!

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Beautiful, cunning, and ambitious to a fault, Liliana is quietly becoming one of the Multiverse’s most magnetic dangers. She wields the blackest of black magic: necromancy. Her spells reanimate the dead and corrupt the living.

Liliana’s dark charisma is undeniable. She’s agelessly striking and sharp as the edge of a razor.

Faced the limits of her human lifespan and not content to accept her lot, she made a pact with demon lords to forever remain at the height of her health and power.

One of the demons tasked Liliana with obtaining a powerful artifact for him known as the Chain Veil. Once the object was in her possession, she felt its power instantly. She refused to give it up, and used it kill the demon, starting her on a path to destroy the remaining demons to whom she is beholden.

Liliana’s ambition has led her to interact with beings from all over the universe. But ultimately, Liliana’s greatest love and first priority is herself.

She’s convinced that everyone else is in it for themselves, too. She just thinks that she’s better at playing the game than everyone else—and maybe she is …

Some amazing artwork featuring Liliana Vess.