OMG I was watching this episode like 1 hour ago, legit. Brung back memories. It was like

Josh: Okay class, in relation to your homework, who am I?

Student 1: A hobo?

Student 2: Harry Potter? (I liked this kid.)

Student 3: I KNOW!! A HOBO! 

Josh: NO, I’m Albert Einstein!

Then the teacher walks in like “OH NO WE HAVE ANOTHER HOBO!” and calls security. :DD

Shit was funny yo.


This video portraits how human kind should be. We should not judge others sincerely on the disabilities that they have, as it is not their fault. The video shows a bonding between 2 people and how in that little time, they open up to each other. This creates a bond that surpasses any deflect that either of the persons have. These kind of people rarely by.


Don’t touch me!

Flipping a coin

Some times you fall to a situation where you have feelings for 2 different people. Like they say..to resolve it flip a coin. Foolish as it may sound, it actually works because the moment you flip the coin and it’s in mid-air, no matter what the outcome, you’re hoping for one person.. Try it..

Just a verse I did to vent..If I know you in person, please don’t mention this to my parents, or your parents.

  • So my parents want to move to Australia to live a better life,
  • Sat in my room, man trying to vent it out,
  • Cause everyday..the stress just keeps on building up,
  • Hot drinks in hand, trying to write it out,
  • Sat in my room, reminiscing on the old days,
  • We moved to England, you said it was the best for me,
  • I came with little knowledge on how to speak,
  • But I learned eventually, Are you proud of me?
  • I still remember the first day of primary, drooling, I fell asleep.
  • I couldn’t understand a single word the teacher had to preach,
  • I’m actually thankful that on that day I fell asleep, 
  • If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met my bestfriend, Bobby G.
  • Through thick and thin, difficulties.
  • He stuck with me for hopefully,eternity.
  • Strong bonds led to who I am today,
  • with all my friends, practically a second family.
  • So mother, father, please change your mind.
  • and let your decision, stick by me.