Now that we have recovered from our Italian overnight train we gave ourselves a tour. These pictures show our day chronologically.

1. We started at the market to enjoy an espresso al fresco. The market is massive and they sell everything there. Even fresh kolatches are served.

2. Then we visited the castle. The castle is high on a hill, as you enter the gates you only see blue sky in the background. The castle has held royalty, been a site of coronations, served as an estate for a wealthy family, and most recently a political building.

3. The original castle burned down and was not rebuilt until 60 years ago. This is remaining tower of the original structure.

4. This modern suspension bridge with a rotating restaurant.

5. Graffiti

6. View of the clock-tower at the end of a Old Town street. (Guess why they call it Old Town.)

7. Out of chronological order but is a great example of the changes in Bratislava. Old Town in the foreground, new town beyond.