As it always freaks me out a little bit when people change their avatar without any notice, I want to introduce everybody to my new “face.”

This comes from an Old Gold cigarettes advertisement. I only have part of the full ad and, no matter where I have searched, I can’t find its true origin either in publication or whoever scanned the copy that fell into my hands (mine is larger than the fragment posted by James Lileks). If anybody knows who deserves credit for this or if this character has a name, please drop me a note in my Ask box or send an e-mail to the address listed on my Are You “Unknown?” page.

KoHoSo on Tumblr turned 3 today!

Yes, it was indeed three years ago (and at the exact time I am posting this) that I started KoHoSo on Tumblr as a sort of annex for my long-form blog. However, it was not until October of 2011 that it took the full form it has today.

Aside from saying that, no big speech with my cupcake. I’ll just add a big KoHoSo THANK YOU to everybody that is making my small contribution to Tumblr’s #Vintage community become more fun as each day goes by.

KoHoSo on Tumblr Second Anniversary

At just about this exact moment two years ago, I opened KoHoSo on Tumblr. It was meant to be nothing but an addendum to my long-form blog and a place to be able to post more pictures so I wouldn’t put too much stress on my limited hosting account.

As time passed, I found I was having the most fun sharing the retro/vintage material I was finding here on Tumblr and especially from other sources that were not getting a lot of traffic. It continues to be a real blast to see people enjoying what I put up and getting to know some of the other people that make Tumblr so interesting no matter what subjects are their specialty.

As this blog rolls into its third year and I have now settled in Crestline, California for the remainder of my life, I hope to finally begin adding more of my own material in addition to the Road Trip Tuesday series which, much to my delight, is finally getting some attention. I have lots of items to scan from the 1940s through the 1980s. Now that I have a real home where most of my collected keepsakes don’t have to remain in boxes for their protection while waiting for the next inevitable move, these items should start appearing in late spring once the few big maintenance jobs on my little version of the Possum Lodge have been completed.

A big KoHoSo "Thank you" to all of you following me that have made the past two years so enjoyable and rewarding!

Soldier sculpture - MacArthur Park - Little Rock, Arkansas USA - May 8, 2007

KoT Road Trip Tuesday Series No. 13 - Photo by KoHoSo

This sculpture is one of the many things — modern and old, man-made and natural — to be found in the MacArthur Park Historic District in Little Rock. The most famous attractions on these beautiful grounds are the boyhood home of General Douglas MacArthur, the museum dedicated to his life and times, and the Arkansas Art Center. However, what I have always remembered most about this place from living here as a boy in the mid-1970s are the stunning magnolia trees which were still in full bloom on my first day back in Little Rock in 32 years.


The Best of KoHoSo on Tumblr - End of 2012

Thanks to the great best of tumblr tool, here are the top ten most Noted posts made so far here at KoHoSo on Tumblr. Thanks to everybody that thought these were worth a Like or especially a Reblog! The links below will open up the original post in a new browser tab.

#1 - Blue Ridge Grocery - 275 Notes
#2 - Happy Liquor Store - 175 Notes
#3 - 78 Motel - 147 Notes
#4 - Al Hanken Motors - 115 Notes
#5 - Vintage Pepsi-Cola Santa Claus display - 88 Notes
#6 - Puffin Biscuits - 85 Notes
#7 - The KoHoSo on Tumblr Waitress - 76 Notes
#8 - Jim Ladd - 65 Notes
#9 - The Radio Shack - 57 Notes
#10 - Mr. Weenie - 55 Notes

The Big Wheel - Shelton, Washington USA - July 5, 2010

KoT Road Trip Tuesday Series No. 54 - Photo by KoHoSo

The Big Wheel greets travelers coming into Shelton from the south on Washington State Route 3. It was originally in another town where it sawed spruce logs used in airplanes built to fight in World War I. It came to Shelton in 1926 and remained in use until 1967. It is one of the largest saw wheels ever built at 11 feet in diameter (approximately 3.35 meters). During its time of use in Shelton, it sawed through three billion board feet of lumber which is enough to house over one million people.

Route 66 - Barstow, California USA - May 18, 2007

KoT Road Trip Tuesday Series No. 52 - Photo by KoHoSo

At number 52 in this weekly series of my own photographs, this picture marks one full year’s worth of posts since I started “Road Trip Tuesday.” From the start until this one, all of the photos have come from the long driving trip I made across about two-thirds of the United States in May 2007. Beginning next Tuesday with number 53, I finally move on to other places and adventures.

I am very grateful that my audience has indulged me by putting up with my mediocre-at-best photographic skills and ecstatic as, over recent months, some have deemed them worthy of a Like and even a Reblog. I hope everybody will continue to enjoy what is to come. Thanks!